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Watch Online Video Mob Wives Place**Season 3 Episode 5 = megavideo || Youtube

Posted Feb 04 2013 12:58am

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Mob Wives picks up with the women trying to move on in several different ways. With the addition of Love Majewski, a hot-tempered mob moll engaged six times (often to notorious criminals) but never married -- jealousy is in the air as are brand new Staten Island scuffles. In the wake of ex-husband Junior’s betrayal, Renee battles an ongoing secret. Big Ang copes with the fall out from her son’s drug rehabilitation and final sentencing. Drita learns that her husband Lee is going to be released from jail and is forced to consider the consequences. And when Lee returns to town, Drita is pushed to choose -- is she willing to let Lee back into their home and into her heart? Or will she follow through with the divorce? Will Drita’s dreams be derailed once again? It didn't take long for the the fighting to start up again on the season premiere of "Mob Wives." In particular, Renee Graziano and Carla Facciolo were at each other's throats. Why the fight started wasn't nearly as interesting -- nor was it particularly clear -- as the confession Renee made during it.Watch Mob Wives  Season 3 Episode 5 Online, Mob Wives   3x5 Free, Watch Mob Wives   s03e5 Online Full Episode, Watch Mob Wives   Season 3 Episode 5  Online Free From Mob Wives   Season 3 Episode 5, Watch Mob Wives   Season 3 Episode 5 Online, Mob Wives   3x5 Free, Watch Mob Wives   s03e5 Online Full Episode,

Click Here Watch Full Episode

She admitted later during a confessional that she'd gotten addicted to pills after her most recent surgery. That recovery, on top of the betrayal she felt at the hands of her ex-husband, who turned FBI informant and helped take down her father, lead her into a secret addiction.

On Twitter, Renee was bashing Carla and clarifying that she is a "recovering addict" and not a "junkie."

Renee Graziano took the difficult step of realizing she had a problem, and had the strength and fortitude to do something about it. On the latest "Mob Wives," she checked herself into rehab for both her ongoing battle with depression and her addiction to prescription medications.

"I’m scared," she admitted to a counselor at the center. "I have issues in my past that I know I’m not going to want to face."

She went on to say that she doesn't feel that her family understands depression, which can be common in a lot of households. There's a difference between being depressed and depression that a lot of people don't fully comprehend. Feeling that she wasn't understood is part of the reason she got to the point that she was taking upwards of 20 pills a day.

The second season of "Mob Wives" picks up where the first left off -- with each cast member dealing with major personal life issues. The rift between Karen and Drita is far from over -- will they ever be able to 'bury the hatchet'? Renee goes under the knife for major plastic surgery that may have some unexpected consequences, while also contemplating her future with her ex-husband Junior. Drita is considering her options when it comes to leaving her husband Lee -- while Carla's relation

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