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Usb power pack charging and power

Posted Dec 24 2012 2:59am
General lithium battery charging IC has a special charge, the first constant voltage and constant current last trickle charge. But some usb power pack supply manufacturers in order to save costs, useless lithium battery charger IC but directly with the protection board to achieve this protection board can be done, but the charge (because the battery to 4.2V protection board will work the current cut-off), but there is a lot of influence on current life, at the same time would not be safe, because the general lithium battery charger IC which not only integrates the charging protection features include temperature monitoring, if the temperature is too high will be protected, relatively speaking, so that when charging of the battery has dual protective effect, the First charge IC originally rushed about 4.2V will cut off the current, while protecting the IC will also work, of course, in extreme cases, in case of the charge IC bad or protection IC is broken, that this dual protection is very important. General mobile power pack we are with out a temporary to phone or PSP and other digital products with or travel with out electricity when the standby power supply, so you want to own brought usb power pack all the time to understand how much power is left, is now generally usb power pack are collected by the voltage to coarse step to determine the remaining capacity of the usb power pack battery indicator, lithium batteries have understood all know that with the lithium battery discharge voltage will slowly from the highest 4.2V (ie full power ) to the lowest voltage .. 7V (no electricity), the protection circuit will work to 2.7V when the current is cut off.
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