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upward UGG Womens Sundance 5605 to

Posted Nov 22 2012 2:55am

"Simpleton!Don't always face upward to see the sky, especially pitch dark sky of."Li Min starts to pull a to put on to falsely smile and immediately starts to carry a handbag and raises feet to turn round and walk, lightly fall in one desolate, " followed you closely to feel too lonesome like this, small river." Zhang Xiao Xi smells speech one Zheng and in a short instant turn to turn head, is already a full face the heap smile, "leave together."When she looking at Li Min and John to mix the mouth Xi makes of time, Ugg Bailey Button Triplet 1873 the meeting suddenly feel lonesome.When she sees the strict poem rhyme and Sung burning second dozen feeling scold Qiao of time, the meeting suddenly feel heartache.These felling, she doesn't want. And Li Min after the underground parking lot breaks up, Zhang Xiao Xi drives car to speed along the direction of superhighway, due to seeing the relation of car approximately after 40 minutes she just fulfill a wish Chi last superhighway.She wants to blow salty thin breeze to the seaside, want to tidy up she should not have all of a sudden of fall a Mo mood. "Ms. Zhang don't know why you didn't left for the location of appointment?" "?Go to a wrong restaurant." "Like this good, I give your private telephone Mr. Zhao Yuan, your you then about meet for a time." "Hope you can love at first sight and thank your patience for connecting to listen to." The bead allied Bi matches a marriage to lie the telephone of , undoubtedly was a last the wound in her crack Sa a salt, that kind of pain and sufferings drive excessively of the resolution hatch. All of the car of superhighway are diseases to soon drive, each other has never handed over to gather, can't someone press to ring a trumpet to press her, will she is from own thoughts and feelings in take to leave.Cellular phone at this time but ring, Zhang Xiao Xi takes a blue tooth to connect to have a telephone and then has never seen the call on the monitor to show. "How do you do?" The voice of courtesy suddenly jumps an ear since then, the Xiao Yan has some to believe of smile:"Today, is the mood again not good?" "Is you ah, " Zhang Xiao Xi listens to his voice, the tone is much immediately quiet, "I have no every day in a bad humor of habit." Telephone that is suddenly silent for several seconds, make atmosphere not the consciousness became peculiar. Xiao Yan calm and steady voice the tone for seducing into wrong doing ask:"Do you have prejudice to me?"The BMW car slowly opens to go into bright small area to stop the several-storied building that lives at Zhang Xiao Xi side, he faces upward UGG Womens Sundance 5605 to explore toward her apartment, in have no light, she hasn't come back. "Prejudice?What did you speak of?"Zhang Xiao Xi slightly takes laughter. "If isn't a prejudice, you why does the turn me down approach to try to please to pursue?"She doesn't should be the person who is unilateral to decide arbitrarily, should not listen to and believe a rumor to affirm that he is to spend a heart romantic man. "Have?Your flower I accepted, your telephone I answered and also had what didn't I accept?You keep cellular phone number to get angry for one making me catch crazy name, I having no without authorization.Xiao Yan, I it may be said go along with every wish to you."Say till the last, oneself cans not help smiling of the Feng smile.The flower that he sends she sent a person, his telephone's answering was immediately hanged by her. "Does now have time?"The Xiao Yan as well smiled, it was a Xi to smile to pour. The means that he pursues makes to smile of be like one pure of senior high school student, really sufficient same old things of.However, pouring is pretty funny.Zhang Xiao Xi thinks of in the afternoon the affair in president's room and suddenly feels very sorry, "Xiao Yan, do you know the strict horse of my owner?" A words having no a head to have no tail immediately make Xiao Yan lived Xi to smile, the Yue voice asked:"Talk to not and up know, Be just company Yan up often meet." "His possibility is interested in our gossips."So tactfully say, he should be able to understand. "Ha ha, it's my pleasure."The Xiao Yan starts car, the slowness opened to go out from the bright small area."Can we meeteach other to talk these?"He wants to know where she is, which afraid at the moment body place television station, he will also go to waiting. "It is late don't go today.Xiao Yan, I must hang."Is slow-moving of declined glass window, that right against the face of the sting La sea breeze imitate a Buddha to take salty thin flavor.Although still have then and can arrive sea beach for an hour, can she imitates a Buddha already see You blue and extensive ocean at the mid-night. Have already changed book chapter 27 seaside to meet by coincidence Ba Da novel download the net renew time:2012-1-208:17:04 chapter word numbers:4423 The cool breeze that the ear roars and shouts doesn't dfhjmdfhjvbfj know that the Xiao Yan of telephone says besides the heart of Zhang Xiao Xi to the absolute being Chi what, she in a hurry pinned up telephone.Slightly and slightly added strength on the feet, "snow fox come" high speed sped on the superhighway, the companion wears faraway singing inside the car compartment, the mood is very thrilling, she throws at the moment all annoyance of brain after, wants to thoroughly enjoy for a while. Car of big way before the traffic lights, big lieutenant's dragon, the white BMW vision of Xiao Yan inside UGG Ultra Tall Boots 5245 the car dim low Lian stares at the cellular phone of car dish, is lost in thought, he never drive any which woman like this arouse to courageously lead.
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