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two men at the age of 27 field in

Posted Mar 20 2013 1:49am
. Although personal honor, Paul may not be able to be compared with Thomas. However, in terms of data, CP3 can be described as doing my part. Same age of 27 years old, and Paul are superior in terms of assists rate, rebound rate, and true shooting percentage, 25.5  nike free run ireland   PER efficiency value is much higher than the year "the smiling assassin" of 19.1. From mistakes, steals, free throws and threes terms, Paul is also an advantage. In addition, although the two men at the age of 27 field in assists at about 9.8 times, but Paul's field  nike free run 3 ireland mistakes Views Bituomasi 1.4 times less. In other words, Paul, in terms of data win over Thomas.

It should be noted, Isiah - Thomas bearing   nike lunarglide 4 ireland n mind the reason why the world, largely derived from his outstanding performance in some key occasions, such as in the finals with a injured ankles single section scored 25 per class 's. Moreover, when the heyday of the Pistons have the league's top defense. But I believe that very few people would think Thomas individual defensive ability is stronger than Paul, we do not intend to denigrate Thomas's great here, although his role is crucial, but a longer outstanding players, but also can not do without a great team. Look at Paul, whether it is best to start the Hornets or when he had just    womens nike free run 1   joined the Clippers are not really the league's top teams. His career started in a small club, but by virtue of their own efforts, a step-by-step grown into a shining star in the league. Imagine Paul effectiveness in a much better team, then he can show his light on a bigger stage. In summary, although Paul and Thomas have different age and background, but from the point guard's point of view as well as most of the game, Paul clearly than their predecessors even better. Imagine: bearded till late April, the more spectacular? To Carlisle: let him Tucao the he has the right to
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