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Trying to handle it

Posted Jul 13 2010 12:24am

Today, I sat around and did nothing!  I took my stress breaks.  Literally, more than 30 mins of.  And I cracked and drank a soda!  Which was just dumb but come on I have been doing good.  Ok maybe not so well, if I can crack just one time and drink it.  As far as attacks are going, its still mini baby steps.  I have been panic attack free for a week now.  Well other then the minor one last week.  But I still had the other med in my system.  All in all, I think I am doing ok?  Everyone says that I am smiling more, and seem to be more like myself. 


 Step 1.  Wake up, get up, and do something, to keep myself busy

Step 2.  Relax and breathe, that the dogs for a walk, even though its hotter than hell out there.

Step 3. Do something else, Read a bit, do laundry if needed, vaccum, dust.  Anything and everything to keep my mind and body busy.

Step 4. Talk to some friends and family on line.. and play some games.  It keeps me busy and focused

Step 5.  Taking a shower before bed has been helping me more than taking an ativan.  Muscles are naturally relaxed and Am able to rest easy.

Going to add more steps as the days go by, until it isnt a routine per-say but more like an active way of living, a positive way of thinking.  And over come everything. 

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