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Top Ten iOS RC Toys for Apple Fans

Posted Dec 27 2012 9:18am

Ten years ago, you might also find it difficult to imagine, your mobile phone can be used as a camera, can be used as GPS navigation, can be work as personal computer. Now, as the representative of Apple, the intelligent mobile phone and tablet computer are subverting you the impression on traditional and electronic products for mobile phone. Based on the strong iOS operating system, all unthinkable operation is becoming more and more simpler.

Toy industry also had found Apple products that can be widely used in huge business opportunities, sections of a system based on the iOS toys are being developed and through the Chinese and foreign toy net to the industry exhibition -- remote control aircraft, remote control spy tanks, remote control toy car, machine man even 3D stereo glasses ... ... Today, Chinese and foreign toy network editor will review and brings readers ten system based on iOS cool toys, hope for the toy industry friends to provide some new ideas for product development.

IOS is an Apple Corp for the development of the iPhone operating system. It is mainly for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple TV. Like its based on Mac OS X operating system, which is based on Darwin. The system was originally named iPhone OS, WWDC has until June 7, 2010 to announce on Congress changed the name to iOS. IOS system architecture is divided into four levels: the core operating system ( the Core OS layer ), the core services layer ( the Core Services layer ), media ( the Media layer ), who can touch ( the Cocoa Touch layer ). System operation occupy about 240MB memory space.

A few days ago, Brookstone launched a iPhone/iPad with the new toys RoverApp-ControlledSpyTank (tapping candid spy tank ). It is reported, this toy tank built in support for taking static photos and infrared night vision camera, and can listen to the microphone, let it live up to one's name on the title of crown spy tank. But this spy tank price is low, sells $149.99. This toy looks no difference with early toy car that can be adsorbed on the wall. The biggest difference is that the remote controller, the toy car can be used iPhone 4 or iPod Touch equipment remote control. However, the user must be installed beforehand the application on your iOS device. The second toy remote control comes from the Dexim, before we have the manufacturers produced the visual charging line done video experience, this creative more bold. This car is called monster truck, shape using a monster truck design, but the volume is very small, the length and width is about 10/6.5cm in appearance, it is very cute.

Disney announces the upcoming of a series of interesting iphone rc cars: Appmates, they are for the movie in the role of "cars ". These cars are able to interact with iPhone, the entity and virtual world of electronic vehicle combination, let the toy car can be on the screen in various types of games and challenges in different stages. It sells for $19.99 (including 2 toy cars ), application software can be download by iTunes.

Desk Pets announced that TankBot officially launched, called TankBot desktop small toys have three kinds of moving patterns, including: automatic mode, using infrared sensor navigation to avoid obstacles; roaming mode, aimless wandering; the most important is the mobile application program control mode, through the headphone jack can be connected to the universal remote control, use of application of the double lever control, now can support iPhone and Android system equipment.

The well-known peripheral accessories maker Griffin Technology recently issued a set of named Helo TC, the flagship of a twin rotor rc toys for iphone. The user can use the free iOS application, and by touching virtual keys or iOS device to control the helicopter tilt. Helo TC currently sells for $49.

This toy can be used by iPhone or iPod touch for wireless control, and provides a first person perspective screen in real time, to control to bring a new augmented reality game experience, the current AR.Drone has won 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show electronic game hardware innovation award.

At this year's international consumer electronics show, an American exhibitors exhibited this can use intelligent mobile phone or computer controlled flat mechanical toy ball. The user only in the corresponding equipment installation of application software, open the Bluetooth, can remotely control the ball game, entertaining. As the world's first controlled machine ball, this product will be available by end of year. Sale price: $130. What is more, it also launched iphone controlled insects.

Romo is a Kickstarter project that was launched by Romotive, two engineers Peter Seid and Phu Nguyen hope that through this platform to raise $32000 to complete their design of the intelligent mobile phone robot Romo.

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