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Top Ten Indicators Of Anxiety Disorder

Posted Jan 06 2009 6:31pm

So you haven’t made up your mind about whether or not you have an anxiety disorder? Well if your not totally convinced that you have an anxiety problem ask yourself if you experience any of the top ten anxiety indicators.

1. You worry excessively about everything.

2. You experience anxiety symptoms like shortness of breath, palpitations, and dizziness while at rest.

3. You sometimes think you are going crazy.

4. You avoid social situations.

5. You have more than one phobia.

6. Are you afraid of being trapped.

7. You are afraid to leave your home.

8. You have repeated negative thoughts and images that won’t go away.

9. You have things you do repeatedly as part of a ritual that relieves anxiety.

10. You think a lot about the past in a negative way.

If you said yes to at least one of the top ten anxiety indicators then you may have an anxiety issue. Remember that if you suspect that you have an anxiety disorder you should speak with your doctor or a licsensed therapist to get a proper diagnosis.

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