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too helpless watching this adidas football boots sale happen every day in my side

Posted Nov 24 2012 6:00am
The pupa, good dark, really tired, so sleep, dream dream can look forward to. Perhaps when to wake up to, pleasantly surprised to find, that it was not a dream, but my share of real.When a sister of my classmate, pulled out her secret weapon - bird ink Japan, Switzerland nib goat licensing pen fiercely after I insert the table of a bird that thigh, I table a bird uttered throughout the sky after sharp shouting "hiss!" my pen in the hands of unknown direction in calculus paper to draw a deep marks - paper rotten.I turned my head, too helpless watching this adidas football boots sale happen every day in my side of the war. The two sides into a stalemate fighting party holding a pen triumphant imaginary potential momentum, the other hands to his thighs, obviously pain rather die than live but Siyaomianzi, pretend as if nothing had happened - all hat and no cattle. I Heart Road.

Ring ring ring ring! "Bell rang, the war situation of stalemate is broken, rolled his eyes and a sister, pen thrown into a pencil case, a bird suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.The former is a sister of my classmate, why call her a sister. Because her name with an "a" word. Combined with her accomplishments multiple anti-siege "success, topped throne class. The source of the bird after the nickname adidas adizero feather of the table but also because of his name with an "a" word, another word for the word "Naruto". But he signature Kuanglian even the pen recently, when we get him to practice with pen signature, always surprised to find "Ming" word of mouth "word always as if into a time tunnel generally missing but not left a solitary bird, so we just called him a bird.
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