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Tips for buying a fleece jacket

Posted Nov 23 2012 3:23am
Who can resist the cozy warmth of a fuzzy fleece jacket? The fabric that used to be synonymous with construction workers, loggers, and other outdoor types has made its entrance into the world of higher fashion, to secure itself as a staple fabric for cold weather wardrobes. When purchasing a fleece coat or jacket, there are a few things you should keep in mind.
   First, consumers should know what they are buying. Fleece is made from 100% polyester. This synthetic material is made from recycled plastics, such as soda bottles. Because fleece is made from polyester, it has some very desirable qualities for winter-weather wear - it is non-absorbent, light weight, and doesn't degrade quickly. Though older methods of creating fleece fabric often resulted in unshapely garments that pilled easily and stretched out of shape quickly, newer methods of producing the fabric have made the fabric more attractive and durable. Fleece comes in different weights, colors, and patterns. Depending on the amount of heat you wish to retain, it is important to be familiar with the different weights of fleece. Second, fleece is more than just jacket lining thesedays. There are many different styles of fleece garments, ranging from sweatshirts to coats made entirely from fleece. Fleece has properties similar to those of wool, so expect the jacket to keep you warm. This leaves the factor of comfort to consider. Many fleece jackets are bulky and baggy, but there are more fitted styles available, as well. Make sure that you try the jacket on, fasten it all the way, and determine whether or not the jacket feels right as you move. There are three areas to pay attention to in this effort: chest, arms, and length. It is imperative that the wearer be able to move their arms, shoulders, and chest without the jacket feeling stretched or tight in these areas. Further, purchasing a jacket too short or whose sleeves are cut too short will not keep you very warm when you raise your arms and your wrists and stomach become exposed to the cold air! Finally, consider price. Different designers often offer similar styles under varied brand names for less money as the more expensive "designer label" options you see on the runways or in catalogs. Anyone's best bet is to shop around. Department stores and discount chains often have very similar styles in a huge array of price points. Furthermore, the Internet offers an unlimited number of resources. If you choose to purchase from the Internet, make sure that you are properly measured, and use any fitting guides offered in selecting sizes rather than simply guessing. Remember, in the winter, sometimes a person's coat is all that others see! Pick a flattering fit and style that won't break your bank, and your soft, warm fleece jacket will make you look put together and polished for the entire season.

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