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These dresses take into consideration expanding waistlines and changing body contours

Posted Dec 21 2010 8:52am

It’s surprising how fast pregnant women can grow in just a matter of days, and you don’t want your dress to fit you too snugly.Congratulations, you’re expecting, and on top of that your best friend is getting married! But with the due date 8 months away and your best friend’s wedding just 6 months away, will you still be able to squeeze your pregnant body into a bridesmaid dress and look gorgeous to boot? Not to worry-of course you will!Bridesmaid dress designers know all too well that members of a wedding party may be pregnant on the big day. That’s why they’ve designed special maternity bridesmaid dresses just for you.
These dresses take into consideration expanding waistlines and changing body contours, and still remain fashionable and beautiful.Bill Levkoff Maternity Bridesmaid Dress Style Chiffon spaghetti strap tea length with vertical pleats and a ruched band at the empire waist. Side attached sashes tie in the back. Soft gathers at the empire add extra fullness. A great dress for pregnant bridesmaidsEmpire WaistlinesNo matter how early you are into your pregnancy, you may feel self-conscious, especially if you’ve started gaining weight and your hips have started to expand. Your belly may be growing rounder, and your bridesmaid dress should have ample space around the area so it’s not restrictive in any way. For this reason, empire waists with loose, flowing skirts are ideal.
Honestly, don’t empire waistlines seem like they were created for this purpose alone? They are fashionable and yet incredibly comfortable. Choose lighter fabrics like chiffon and sexy satin.LayersRising body temperatures may also be a common effect of pregnancy. To accommodate temperature fluctuations, add a wrap or jacket to your outfit so that you can take it off when you’re hot and put it on when you’re not. You’ll find this is especially important right now, as we move into the cooler days of fall.Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dress Style Satin and Chiffon gown with satin strapsLonger LengthsYou may prefer to wear a longer skirt length to hide swollen ankles and varicose veins, both common side effects of pregnancy.
It can also be difficult to find comfortable shoes that you won’t mind standing in all day, and that look great-and we all know that flat and loose fitting comfortable shoes are usually not as nice as we’d like. If you don’t want to show them off, a longer skirt can hide that.Of course, you can disregard this point if you’ve still got fabulous legs.Most importantly, try putting off your fitting until the end, just a few days before the wedding date.
You can only do so much planning and it is a very stressful time full of worry about things that may go wrong, however, you can do no more, its time to enjoy your most special night, the memories of which will last forever.Many say that wedding night is more important than your quinceanera or homecoming and in some ways they are right, in that, wedding night is one of the most memorable nights of your life. Follow some of these tips and you will recall your wedding night with fond memories.Preparation, Preparation, Preparation:Did I mention preparation? I sure that I did. By careful planning to the last detail you will be assured of a wonderful wedding night. Make a list of things to do and cross them off as you work methodically down the list.It is never to early to start shopping for your wedding dress 2010, in fact, the earlier the better. Bear in mind that special formal evening wear can take some time to be delivered. You cant rush searching for wedding fashion and you don want to make any rash decisions only to make the wrong choice.
Be aware of your body type when choosing your wedding dress?2010 ?style and also consider very carefully color choice and fabric and how well all those things will complement your complexion and figure.It is very common to have formal clothing altered whether it be a wedding dress, quinceanera, homecoming dress or evening wear so don be concerned as it is quite normal, just make sure you allow enough time.And Now To Accessorize:Accessorizing your wedding dress is very important and although you must not go over board with accessories, being totally devoid of them could spell fashion disaster. Your under garments are just as important so make sure you choose the correct bra and panties for your style of dress?2010 as you don want any lines showing through your wedding dress.
Choose stylish, sensible and comfortable shoes as you could be on them for some time, stilettos look great. However, you may not be able to wear them for long periods or while dancing the night away. Also, wear jewelry in moderation also, perhaps, a beautiful pair of earrings and a necklace but nothing to garish that will detract from your wedding dress.Allowing For Appointments:Everyone involved with the wedding season will be very busy including hairdressers, beauticians; nail technicians and tanning establishments so make sure you make your appointments in plenty of time.It wedding Party Time:You need to be well organized in advance of wedding night. Ensure that any table bookings are made should you be dining and also make transport arrangements. Ensure that all your friends know where you will be, how youe getting there and at what time. All common sense but preplanned will ensure a night to remember and your parents will feel less anxious in the knowledge that all is under control and well planned.Fun Time!



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