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The Relationship between U2 and Apple before Breaking up

Posted Nov 16 2012 7:41am

Even we see other singers in the ads of iPod like Eminem, but speaking of the cooperation between singers and Apple, U2 was the most special one.

U2 became Apple’s partner in 2004. The band authorized Apple to use their music in the ad of iPod, and we still can find that video from Internet. That was the first time for U2 to use their song in commercial, which was a total surprise for all of us. So what inspired U2 to cooperate with Apple? Chuck Klosterman tells us the answers in his new book Chuck Klosterman IV: A Decade of Curious People and Dangerous Ideas.

Apple released iPod in 2001, and this brand-new music player that equipped with iTunes was the biggest miracle at that time, even it requires us to  turn wma to mp3  for listening. It changed how people enjoyed music and even changed the whole music industry. So what Bono, the lead singer of U2 told Klosterman “The company that best exemplifies the marriage of technology and pop culture is Apple” in 2004 was absolutely reasonable.

At that time, U2 totally approved iPod and its potential in music industry. When Bono told Klosterman that he wanted to cooperate with the technology company, it made Klosterman felt a little strange. But according to Bono, that was because the members of band loved Apple and himself was a huge fan of Steve Jobs.

The cooperation between U2 and Apple was unprecedented. Regardless the latter rupture and stuff, what U2 and Apple have done for each other were sole. I can guarantee that Apple hasn’t done anything like that for other stars. The company created a U2-branded iPod, offered U2′s single “Vertigo” exclusively through the iTunes store, produced an iPod commercial which featuring U2 and created the first-ever digital box set featuring all of U2′s albums. If you just get a bunch of music of U2 in OGG format, you can  convert ogg to mp3  and then sync them to your iDevices.

See? U2 was Apple’s favorite at that time and the band also had a crazy crush to the technology giant. U2 always gave the highest evaluation to Apple and Apple devices. “It’s colliding of art, commerce and technology,” Bono said—a sentiment he repeated when Apple went on to launch a special-edition U2 iPod.

But after a few years, everything changed. The crush has gone and certainly the operation was over. It’s still not appropriate to use betray to describe what U2 has done even the band operated with Palm and RIM, especially when both of them were the biggest competitors of Apple.

Now they are doing their own things separately and making miracles in different industries, but we will remember the miracle they made together forever.

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