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The famous American Cheap Beats By Dre investigation agency pew research center

Posted Dec 08 2012 7:33am

The famous American Cheap Beats By Dre   investigation agency pew research center the latest data show that by the end of March 2011, the population of 11 million illegal immigrants in the United States, accounting for about 28% of the population foreign born. Due to economic weakness and border law enforcement enhancement, this number is also a slight decrease on the previous year.

According to the pew Hispanic research center assessment, in 2010, the United States the number of illegal immigrants for 11.2 million, 2009 to 11.1 million. In 2007 the United States illegal immigration hit a record high of 12 million, but in maintaining a for twenty years or so after the growth, the digital began to decline.

Mexico is the main source of illegal immigrants. In the golden age of 2000 years, to enter the United States of Mexico 770000 people, most of them for illegal immigrants. In 2010, it has fallen to 140000 data, and more and more people choose to Mexico's legal status to enter the United States. In addition, in 2005 to 2010 years, from the United States moved to Mexico's people have more than five to ten years ago doubled.

Data show that in 2011, the United States the number of illegal immigrants in the United States for 11.1 million, accounting for 28% of the population foreign born. At the same time, the United States and to obtain permanent residency green card holders in the 12.2 million, accounting for 31% of the population; foreign born In the foreign born population, 15.1 million became an American citizen.

As a typical "nation of immigrants", the United States in attracting legal immigration, but also become the main purpose of the illegal immigrants kingdom. However, illegal immigrants are highly secret resistance, strong liquidity and mobility in the United States the characteristics, the number of illegal immigrants, sources and area distribution, family structure, education degree and career orientation problem difficult to do a comprehensive and accurate statistics.

Since the 1980 s, illegal immigrants has always been the hot social concern problem. The United States currently has a 11 million illegal immigrants, 80% from Mexico and other Latin American countries. This summer, the cheap dre beats United States department of homeland security announced that it will stop sent children to enter the United States period of law-abiding young illegal immigrants, and they began to issue a work permit. The relevant authorities estimate, this policy will make about 800000 people benefit.

It is reported, pew Hispanic research center at the beginning of the Ming plan issued in 2012 the United States Cheap Beats By Dre illegal immigrant population research report.

The Philippines announced in 7, 12 scheduled for this month in the Philippines a meeting of the south China sea sound line countries four party meeting "for the schedule problem delayed, the meeting will be" option forward to open ". beats by dre cheap

According to the Philippines who daily information newspaper reports, phenanthrene foreign ministry spokesman hernandez 7 said, "the south China sea sound line countries four party meeting will not be held on time. When asked about the specific reason, hernandez says because of the relevant parties fail to reach an agreement will schedule. He also denied that the meeting has been postponed is due to "China's pressure" and said the parties will be devoted to "choose a new date reconvene".

Japan's kyodo news agency 7 says, the Philippines suddenly announced that delay actually otherwise than that. More than foreign source confirmed, Malaysia and brunei two countries has told the Philippines will miss "nanhai sound line countries four party conference", if 12 meeting will only in the Philippines and Vietnam. Have analyzed that, different from the Philippines, Malaysia and brunei tough the absence of the Philippines and that the two countries are not consistent pace

Kyodo news agency says, phenanthrene diplomatic sources, China in Beijing summoned the Malaysia and brunei embassy staff in the two countries, shikoku consultation "will only complicate matters" for, the requirement the two countries do not. Although the Philippines foreign ministry will continue to call for Malaysia and brunei participants, "but success little hope".

The Philippines after high-profile announced that will invite Vietnam, brunei, Malaysia three kingdoms hold the "south China sea sound line countries four party conference", discuss how to promote the south China sea issue multilateral solutions. FeiFang stressed that the aim of the conference is "four confirmed with China's negotiations to take concerted action". This will be China's left out, high in south China sea issue consultation practice, regarded as in the Philippines after a series of east Asian leaders meeting tried to borrow south China sea issue aggravating "gamesmanship" after backfired and a "media".

Another according to the Philippines who daily information newspaper 7 reports, China's ambassador ma 6, the Philippines, said China will not start in the south China sea territorial disputes, but some of the south China sea sound line countries respond provocative actions. Ma was quoted as saying the words, "China will never give in to any country launch aggressive action. This you can rest assured", "China will only in a defiant response time, and will not make any disturbance. We are not your enemy". Ma said, because in China and the Philippines territorial disputes in the short term is difficult to be solved, so the Chinese initiative in China and the Philippines jointly develop the south China sea minerals, oil and Marine resources.

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