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the domestic photovoltaic Wuxi a major force behind

Posted Dec 08 2012 8:25am

the domestic photovoltaic Wuxi a major force behind

Suntech, Trina, LDK Solar giants go overseas, they have jointly developed a lot

in Europe, the U.S. solar power plant project.Reporter obtained data show that as

of the end of 2011, the National Development Bank of the solar photovoltaic

industry, the cumulative commitment loans of 34 billion yuan, RMB loans of 165

billion dollars in loans of $ 2.8 billion commitment to support solar power

installed capacity reached 1.85 million kilowatts, of which the territory of 1.2

million kilowatts, offshore of 650,000 kilowatts. "CDB solar photovoltaic credit

policy brief summary of walking on two legs of the inside and outside of the key

areas, key customers and key projects combined.Key customers, mainly domestic

equipment manufacturing leading enterprises territory biggest power companies

outside solar power generation companies have the advantage of size, cost, and

technical innovation; in key areas, domestic resource endowment good one, two,

three regions; outside key support to the development and execution of the

countries and regions of the solar power incentives, which is precisely the logic

CDB support Suntech European project.50 billion photovoltaic loans

countermeasuresHowever, the fact that the behavior of non-market, after all, have

to pay a heavy price.Late October of this year, the a routine quarterly economic cheap north face shoes uk  

and financial situation briefing, the China Banking Regulatory Commission

Chairman Shang Fulin directed at the photovoltaic industry is exposed to credit

risk, "to focus on the ship, electric power, photovoltaic, steel and steel trade

and industry, as well as coastal areas The exposure ...... "This at least is the

CBRC second quarter in a row to make the photovoltaic industry risk warning,

while commercial banks have also taken a contraction strategy.December 7th, those

close to the Construction Bank said the bank photovoltaic industry loan balance,

as of the end of September this year, about 17.4 billion, the 2008 judgment

industry there  north face womens shoes uk sale   is a risk that strict five-category loan classification standards

and the risk of large customers door-to-door analysis, to targeted adequate

provision for impairment. CCB Suntech does not balance, LDK Solar's balance has

gradually decline   north face women trousers uk sale d. "A joint-stock bank executives told reporters that since the

first quarter of this year, the head office of the bank local branches reported

to the credit of the photovoltaic industry

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