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the cheap beats heavy liquid fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles against the United States

Posted Dec 18 2012 2:56am

The media said, the Russian experts are Cheap Beats By Dre  developed two new strategic ballistic missile to deal with the United States in Europe deployment of missile defense systems, one is 100 tons of heavy liquid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile, it more than the world's most powerful RS - and intercontinental ballistic missile (western called "satan"); The second is solid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile to replace the fifth generation missile "poplar - M" and "al si".

According to Russian news website reported on December 14,, Russia's strategic rocket militia commander sergei Carla card "will be 14, he said, the future solid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile power maybe not enough to break the United States anti-missile system, so the cheap beats heavy liquid fuel intercontinental ballistic missiles against the United States anti-missile system. If the United States does not give up her plan, then can use this kind of missile create range almost can not cover the global nuclear high precision strategic weapons.

When it comes to the United States in Europe will be deployed to intercept intercontinental ballistic missile anti-missile system, Carla card "husband hit the nail on the head to point out, Washington deploy missile defense system is to deal with Russia. He explained that the United States "for what we say this is to deal with Iran's missile threat, but in Europe only Russia have this kind of missile".

EXinShe points out, beats by dre cheap this is the first time Russia is about new solid fuel intercontinental ballistic missile development. The general said, strategic rocket soldiers this year have already had several times this missile test, the last time in October 24, in card at staples Beijing al proving ground use mobile launcher launched missiles.

Strategic plan next year rocket soldiers 11 times intercontinental ballistic missile launch. And this year over 5 times emission, which is three times according to the missile system development plan, one is in accordance with the joint plan, and once in order to study the use of missile extension period.

The end of December strategic rocket soldiers will be Fielding 96 new "poplar - M" and "al si" missile launcher. At present the strategic rocket soldiers modern equipment have accounted for nearly 30% of the total equipment. Carla card "husband also revealed that, although RS - and missile (" satan") has extended service after 50% of the time, but can also have been used in 2022.

Reports say, strategic rocket soldier equipment will continue to receive updates. In addition, to 2020 strategic rocket soldiers will completely to switch to digital information technology.

EXinShe on December 14 quoted Carla card "husband, said, manufacture solid fuel intercontinental  ballistic missile maximize and develops the development the fifth generation missile system with technology, greatly reduce the manufacturing time and cost.

He thought, "for obvious reasons", now talk about the work of some middle results is still too early, but several test shows that missile development train of thought is correct.

The other according to AFP on December 14, report, Carla card "husband says added, new missile can also be effective against the United States in the future it may be possible to establish in space for a missile defense system.

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