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the car on both sides

Posted Jan 04 2013 8:20am
This appearance really don't like a basketball player should have, the pop king Michael Jackson to have such a manner, every time out there are many bodyguards accompanying. But Bryant basketball in the popularity of the absolute can and Michael Jackson are comparable in pop music. Kobe 8 Shoes Mediatakeout ridicule, say kobe Bryant of the specifications of the travel is even higher than the President of the United States. But this and how to do? Bryant's popularity is high, often encounter fans break alert phenomenon, wuhan in China this year to participate in activities, is because the security does not reach the designated position, led directly to the fans flocking approach, kobe Bryant in a flurry and flee. 2010 in chengdu to participate in activities, Bryant take bodyguard is all a commando, Kobe 8 Christmas he was a total of ten please personal to maintain order, and the security personnel paid about 600 yuan. Another thing also can cause people to pay attention to, and that is in this year in October, and kobe Bryant broke out "build-up," Bryant former teammates smush parker told the fox sports news has revealed that kobe BryantPlaying away game is always a person sitting in the back, not and his teammates to talk, and kobe Bryant side always have bodyguards in. For kobe Bryant is concerned, this is not a simple game, Cheap Kobe 7 but a milestone in the game, cross, as long as Peter easily got 13 points, 30000 points mark across, become the history of the league's most young Mr. 30000 points, at the same time also become fifth finish the achievement of the player, but, in the back of the record there are some "negative data," Bryant 1179 field reach this honor, is five Mr. 30000 points the longest than Jordan (960 a) use the 219 games. The score is evaluation a career is an important basis of, today's kobe Bryant in the step by step to a higher goal launch impact, wirt - chamberlain had maintained the young Mr. 30000 points of the record, he completes the honor for 35 years and 179 days, Kobe VII than Karl Malone (micro bo) as early as ten days, but now he is easily achieved beyond, he was just 34 years and 105 days to reach this honor. Kareem abdul-jabbar is the history of the league's leading scorer at the present, career got 38387 points, and in the face of this data, the league other stars to flinch, kobe Bryant is also so, consider his present age as well as decreasing score frequency, it is difficult to Peter on the league in
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