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Terry opening and did not show their attack power

Posted Nov 27 2012 2:38am
Terry opening and did not show their attack power, throughout the first half and only shot 3 times the ball outside the three-point line, did not score all occupancies.Several passing tie also had a problem with Landau, not understanding each other.Section III 8 minutes 09 seconds, Terry hit goals in this first mobile warfare, it was the three-point line add-ins shoot teammates passing spaces.However, overall, his presence could play on efficiency is also very limited, that thirdnike air max tn for sale   section called no half-section is changed, added three in front, he has played less than 20 minutes.The last section, Terry was on the bench most of the time, only a few minutes until the last out, however in the midst of this, he's just a fumble occurs, no other contributions.But his team-mates to force the match was dragged into extra time.4.5 min before the extra time he had been on the pitch, but almost just as team-mate to and from running, which is only sent once a favour done at little cost to oneself in the fast attack General assists, the team finally get the victory, but to be honest with him and not too big.

Extra time, 2 minutescheap nike air max 24 7 and 10 seconds, pass the ball around to ring the top team-mate Pierce, immediately hit a Trey, helping advantage of team building 3.In the fourth section and cast a not lost after winning buzzer-beaters, he is finally in the extra time of that match made up for through no fault of their own.So far this season, and still not Pierce his eloquence, and 13 have passed, his 19.8 points in the team's first, another 5.4 rebounds and 2.8 assists income.In these seemingly under constant data, however, 35 years old, he is quietly doing some adjustments, United States media, Pierce is playing more and more like mine-Allan.This one of the most significant data is the ratio of attack after his cover was gradually increasing, this season has reached 22.1%, if you want to know as early as 2009-10, his only 5.5%.

Celtic today away against magic, and there's nothing particularly exciting about the game itself, but there is one aspect that is a lot of attention, this is Landau on consecutive Dunks double date records.In today's match, he sent out 16 assists, assists on double to 37 consecutive games, even older John Stockton ranked 2nd place in history, that owns this record was Magic Johnson (46 in a row).In addition Landau contributed 15 points, 9 rebounds, helped Celtic through overtime beat the magic 116-110.
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