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tension headaches

Posted by jane

ive been 2 the doctors and he said that i suffer from anxiety,and tension headaches,ive had a mri scan done and that was normal,and ive had a lumbar punture done and that was normal,so the doctor put me on amitriptyline,i still get the headaches,is this really tension headaches?.it feels like someone is squeezing my head,and my neck and shoulders ache,and now and again my legs feels weak and when i stand still ive got 2 screw my toes up cause i think im going to fall over.
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Ian Health Maven


It appears that the tests done have ruled out the obvious potential structural abnormalities that might account for your symptoms, Jane, though there may be other physical causes such as blood pressure, hormonal imbalances, etc. But I assume you've had all the usual tests and a full physical examination. That being the case, then anxiety is the most likely cause. Your symptoms are fairly typical of anxiety/stress.

It can take 3-12 weeks before antidepressants 'kick-in' so if you have only recently been prescribed amitriptyline (Elavil, Endep) then you may need to wait a while for an easing of the symptoms. Indeed, they may worsen initially. On the other hand, if you've been taking it for longer than 3-4 months without a significant improvement then maybe this isn't the right medication for you. Unfortunately, there is no way of determining which medication is going to be the most effective for an individual and it take take several changes in medication before the right one is found.

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