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Tanner Face Body

Posted May 23 2010 3:16pm

by Anne on May 23, 2010

in Anti-Aging

Tanner Face Body

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Almost every woman wears makeup in an effort to look good. Just a few years back makeup was just worn by adults or married women, however lately this trend has changed with more and more younger women beginning to apply makeup. And when I speak of young women I don't mean eighteen year olds I mean nine and ten year olds who which to wear makeup just because it is 'in' today. So as the age to wear make up reduces, we need to make sure that our kids are not looking like adults.

One of the newer products in the Makeup and Cosmetics category of beauty supplies is marketed to a younger audience. It's no secret that girls are beginning to wear makeup at an early age, sometimes as young as middle school. If your daughter is insistant on wearing makeup, at the very least you can be sure the makeup she chooses is somewhat age appropriate and doesn't cause her to look older than what she is. One product line that is geared to this younger crowd are the shimmering and sparkling cosmetics!

Young Cosmetics

There is an entire line of makeup products that are designed to make things "shimmer". Adding sparkles and glitter to cheeks, eyelids, lips, and even your arms and legs is a fun makeup technique that teenagers and young adults are using to feel prettier.

Body shimmer comes in small plastic containers, similar to lip gloss, and is usually applied with a brush. This type of body shimmer cosmetic is a loose powder. You dip the brush into the container of shimmering powder, and brush onto your face or wherever you want to add a sheer shimmer effect. There is also a cream product that is rubbed on with fingertips rather than brushed on.

For brightening the eye area, you can use eye shadow with built in shimmery products, so that as you put on your eye shadow you're also adding the sparkle. Make your lips sparkle with a coat of shimmery lip gloss or lipstick!

Some girls prefer to use a blush with sparkles in it, and keep the sparkles just to their cheeks rather than everywhere! In order to make the shimmery look work for you, even if you are young enough to get away with this type of cosmetic, you want to be careful not to over-do it. It's a good idea to choose one area to make shimmer rather than providing sparkles on every area of your face and body!


Many of the self tanning products also add a glimmery sheen over your arms and legs, and wherever else you apply it. Not only does it add the bronze color you're looking for, but it helps your skin look more glowing- and in turn, healthier. All ages of girls and women can use self tanning products to add some body shimmer and vibrance to their appearance.

Self tanning products containing shimmering effects are available in creams and lotions, as well as spray on product.

So the next time your ten year old pesters you for a makeup kit you don't necessarily have to scold her, rather you can assist her in making the right choices. Because you as an adult should know what is appropriate for your child, this article has tried to provide with a few tips that can enable you to guide your kid. whether or not your child should or shouldn't wear makeup is really up to you.

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