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Taking Care of Your HP 6730S Battery

Posted Nov 11 2013 10:16am

The design of the battery for HP 6730S laptop is such that it can transcend its factory specification. The quality of components used to develop stand unmatched in the market. Its rating is 5200 mAh (mili amp hour) or 58 Whr (Watt Hour); the highest rating so far for a 6 cell battery pack. A higher mAh rating means a longer battery life.


The average battery life for laptops is a maximum of three to four hours; the HP Laptop Battery 6730S can be squeezed to get an extra one or two hours. All batteries with lithium ion as their primary cell material show a declining trend with regards to run time. However a few tips which can enhance the effectiveness of your HP laptop battery and HP 6730S adapter exist.


The following practices have been proved to do this:

Proper conditioning after purchase

Once you purchase your HP 6730S battery pack which more often than not comes in discharge or half discharged state you should condition it. Conditioning here involves fully charging it and discharging it for up to four to five times during the first week. Maximum rating will be attained through this.


The battery should not run to empty

For HP 6730S battery running them to empty can ruin them. Critically low power like 3% capacity has the potential of harming the battery since it may not posses’ sufficient energy to recharge it. Studies reveal that the best way to extend one’s battery life is charging it before it hits the 20 % power level.


Maintain battery cells at their peak capacity.

For at least once a week, one should run their battery power in the absence of the HP 6730S adapter. Doing this not only maintains the cells at peak potential but it also keeps them active. When charging, it is preferably better to avoid using AC power which has been known to cause overcharging and overheating in the battery.


Reducing your laptop’s power consumption

The brightness of your laptop plays a significant role in draining off the power stored in the HP 6730S battery. You should reduce the brightness since dim displays have been found to save the power. Another good practice is minimizing the usage of the CD/DVD drive which are mechanical mechanisms functioning by use of a motor. The motor drains a lot quite a considerable amount of power.


So far all these methods apply to the HP Laptop Battery 6730S but also methods like expanding the memory of your laptop to a minimum of 4 gigabytes releases the pressure on your hard drive with regards to work. This results in a better run time.

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