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sudden change in vision that last up to 10 minutes

Posted by Cob

Every now and then my vision will suddenly change. I can see clear in front of me but my outer vision in both eyes I see heat waves. Its like tunnel vision with waves on the out side of the tunnel.  It started in August of 09 then once a month up to date. Hard to explain. No pain. After around 10 minutes my site returns.


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Ian Health Maven

Without many more details about you and your potential risk factors, I can't give you a definitive response. Your vision problem may be stress related or be a problem with the eyes - glaucoma, retinal damage, cataracts, etc., or be the result of other diseases such diabetes, high blood pressure, etc. My guess is that it is either the result of stress or high BP, but I emphasis this is only a guess.

I suggest you initially see you family physician who should be able to determine a cause.

Best wishes


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