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stress at work, alcohol and anxiety

Posted by chamomile_girl

Hi, I recently have had alot of stress at work and come home feeling very beat up. for about a month I started having 1-2 glasses of wine after work to chill out and try and release some of the bad feelings i was experiencing. Anyway, I decided this was not a good remedy to the situation so I cut out the wine after work last week then this friday had a particularly bad day and had a glass of wine with dinner and I noticed an immediate intensification of paranoid feelings and anxiety. I was also aware that I returned to this self medication because I had overwhelming sadness about my job and wanted to feel better. instead I felt worse, ot only sad but very frightened and anxious. Is there a link between alchohol and anxiety? Thanks
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Ian Health Maven

If you're asking whether alcohol causes anxiety, then probably not, chamomile_girl. However, it is probably the case that some people are more attracted to it than others because it relieves the symptoms of as yet unrecognized anxiety or depressive disorder. The same is likely to be the case with other psychoactive drugs including nicotine.

It may be that your drinking has worsened your anxiety. While both booze and smoking initially appear to ease symptoms, over time they actually make anxiety and depression worse. However, it may also be that your concerns about drinking had a psychological impact when you had another drink and this had more to do with the paranoia and increased anxiety than the wine.

Alcohol is not going to fix your problems, chamomile_girl. Hoping that everything will just go away also has a poor track record in treating anxiety and depression. Furthermore, the longer these are allowed to fester the harder than can become to resolve. But both psychotherapy and/or medication is often very effective. I urge you to discuss what is happening in your life with your doctor who should be able to recommend the best treatment options for you, or put you in touch with someone who can.

Best wishes


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