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Stress & anxiety: yet another way rich folks have it easier.

Posted Oct 02 2012 2:31pm
A new study reveals that those who sit atop the nation's political, military, business and nonprofit organizations are actually pretty chill. Compared with people of similar age, gender and ethnicity who haven't made it to the top, leaders pronounced themselves less stressed and anxious. And their levels of  cortisol , a hormone that circulates at high levels in the chronically stressed, told the same story. 
The source of the leaders' relative serenity was pretty simple: control. 
Compared with workers who toil in lower echelons of the American economy, the leaders studied by a group of Harvard University esearchers enjoyed control over their schedules, their daily living circumstances, their financial security, their enterprises and their lives. 
"It's clear that having a sense of control is protective against stress," said Nichole Lighthall, who researches stress and its effects at Duke University and was not involved in the new study. 
"People in a company at all levels may be affected by the market and its unpredictability," she said. But while rank-and-file employees may worry about being laid off, chief executives can pretty much rest assured that "they'll keep their position in society, their superiority, their lifestyle and their income" even if the organization over which they preside suffers, she said.
This is confirmation of earlier research (see this PANIC! post , about Robert Sapolsky's baboons and the Whitehall Study of British civil servants). Want to be less anxious? Get yourself in a position of power. Failing that, focus on what you can control, and let go of the rest of what worries you.

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