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Step Pedometer

Posted Apr 25 2010 6:16pm

by Anne on April 25, 2010

in Workout

Step Pedometer

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Pocket pedometers or step counters have become essential accessories for health freaks who carry them wherever they like while jogging or walking, tying them to their belt or carrying them in their bags or pockets. Pocket pedometers are useful instruments for people who are trying to partake in active lifestyles for weight reduction. The use of these products greatly encourages health-conscious people to burn calories faster while walking or increase their steps. These products are equipped with large memories and consequently you can compare your performance of several days to see whether there has been an improvement or not. An average pocket pedometer counts the distance that you have travelled in a specified time and hence your speed also counts separately the steps that you have taken per minute while jogging.

Some erroneous kind of pocket pedometers also count the erratic movements that you make while walking like bending and stopping due to road impediments but such false steps are only recorded by some low quality pedometers only. Most of the modern state-of-the-art pocket pedometers are able to count steps accurately when they are not kept in bags but are tied to the belt in a perpendicular position. They also make errors in recording steps when the user is travelling to and forth to work due to the movement of the automobile. These pocket pedometers can also give faulty results depending on the length of step a person takes or because he has not strapped them properly.

Most of the sophisticated pedometers provide you with accurate results with a range of 5%. A user should try to make proper adjustments to his pedometer until he gets realistic accurate results. He should see whether he has worn his pedometer in the right way so that his movements are being recorded precisely. A pedometer needs to be readjusted if a little jiggling causes the rhythm of the pedometer to be disturbed. These pedometers have become very popular and nowadays mobile phones are also equipped with these instruments for example Nokia 5500 sports phone and the Sony Ericsson walkman phones.

These pedometers sometimes can also count your heart beat and are a very effective tool for a full workout. Enjoy hip-pelting numbers while exercising your way to well-toned bodies with these pedometers. These products count the number of steps that you take by detecting the movement of your hips through a mechanical MEMS inertial sensor and special software. These products measure the distance based on the simple doctrines of inertia and symmetry. In the earlier versions of mechanical pedometers, a mechanical switch was used along with a very simple step-counter. Pedometers have been introduced in common use in America by the scientist Thomas Jefferson as early as 1800's. The results given by pedometers also vary according to the physique of the user.

Finally, if you want to use the most efficient pedometer, which gives you the most precise results, then you can go for GPS (Global positioning system) based pedometers, which can provide the correct measurement of the distance that you have travelled.

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