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Squat Calf

Posted Apr 15 2010 3:26pm

by Anne on April 15, 2010

in Workout

Squat Calf

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Calf Raises, Squats work out question.?

i just started working out in weight lifting for school. and when i do squats and calf raises, my shoulder muscle gets really sore afterword, because of the weight of the bar on my shoulders. and my shoulder pain is limiting the amount of weight i can squat with. is there any way to reduce the pain, besides medicine?


In time it will get better as you get used to it.Until then you can take a towel and wrap it tightly around the bar so it will act as a cushion for your shoulders.If it continues to bother you,you may want to stick with a leg press/sled.You just might have to tough it out and deal with it....Other wise there's always tennis!

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