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Special Marketing Strategies

Posted Feb 10 2012 5:31am
In recent years, as the rapid development of the economy, there are more and more terrible problems in the turnover of the financial resource. It is also called economic crisis. So does the field of luxuries. Many companies are forced to bankrupt. However, as the leader of fashion, a company in the name of Beauty never loses its position. Last Friday, pandora Brown, the CEO of the largest jewelry company, is interviewed in the program named “To Be Honest”. She shows the publicity the mystery in the marketing strategies. Unlike other jewelry companies, Pandora never goes in a usual way. It is widely acknowledged that most of the jewelry companies produce ornaments such as pandora earrings. Thus, the market is overstocked. Many beautiful designs are ignored easily. Many products are sold at a lower price than its original value, though they are made of pandora gold. Under the urgent circumstance, a policy is carried into execution by the Beauty. It will purchase all the Pandora earrings in the market at a middle price. In a few days, the market resumes normal state again. Due to the favorable behavior, the government writes a gratitude letter to the company. In the Annual Best Enterprise Appraisal, the Beauty is at the second place and receives a medal made of pandora silver. The next month, pandora charms are of great popularity as the main products of the Beauty. It is amazing that the designs are the same as the Pandora earrings. In fact, the company appreciates the designs very much. The designers select a pandora crystal from the earrings, and then connect it with a pandora chain. For a moment, a pandora charm takes shape. It is much more expensive than a pair of Pandora earrings. But it deserves to be popular. On the other hand, a bright idea comes into Pandora’s mind. As soon as she thinks about this, she asks the owners of the shops to put it into practice. They set up some shops opposite the street or next to their shops. They specialize in the same pandora jewelry which is sold at different prices. For example, it a lady wants to buy a pair of pandora bracelets, she will think about the quality, the design, the raw and processed materials, especially the price. The compared shop sells it at a higher price, and the shop does in the opposite way. Women prefer to make a comparison when they are shopping. In contrast, most of them choose the products at a lower price. As a matter of fact, the so-called lower price is much higher than its original value. In this way, the Beauty makes a bigger profit. Besides the marketing strategies, some promotion activities are held. Every Saint Valentine’s Day, the Beauty provides some unsalted pandora beads. Lovers can design by themselves. They carve it into the shapes as they like, or print their pictures on the surface of the beads. Some romantic young men express their affection to their “princess”. Usually they regard the DIY beads as the symbol of their love. There is an old story about Goddess Pandora prevailing in the folk. She is a perfect woman who is full of all the traditional virtue. She loves her family, and treasures her children. However, in order to rescue her son from the fire, she contributes her own life. Many people are impressed by her great sacrifice. Children wear pandora necklace to remember her. Thus, when Mothers’ Day is coming, all sorts of charming necklaces at a preferential price are on sale. The marketing strategies are depended on different consumers. After hearing Pandora’s words, the audience benefits a lot. Thanks to the special marketing strategies, the market becomes much more interesting.
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