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Since the first game of chess sequence set

Posted Mar 04 2013 6:19am

He added: "Since the first game of chess sequence set

under a slow hand, unable to cheap nike air max tn uk mens  suffer total defeat last only sustenance in the big dragon to kill each other. "on the back of the

game, Pu Tinghuan Kudan said:" nike air max classic bw uk sale March of next year in order to know, before this will make the greatest efforts to be prepared. "He

also said:" Now the state is no problem, just recently Shu Qi concentrated at Zhongpan Sheng negative force in the case of the

favorable situation in the sequence set down, cheap nike air max 24/7 shoes   feeling chess too Some slow, will try to improve it. "Although the two sides are

tied in the final two chess, but the view from the contents of two chess, the rest of the game prospects are still very uncertain.

In a game of chess, the powerful after the disk Fan Ting Yu three paragraphs in the sequence set advantage, Putting Huan Kudan

After difficult to find the chance of reversal. 2 Juqi Putting Huan Kudan sequence set situation leading three sections Fan Ting

Yu also suffered a total defeat. Therefore, in the rest of the game, two players how to compete for the initiative in the battle

sequence disk will become the focus of attention.7th Ying Shibei World Go Championship Final 5 Fanqi after 3 chess from March 4

next year, held in Shanghai, China.Seventh Ying Shibei final second inning, Fan Ting Yu Excluding point loss to Pu Tinghuan

comprehensive chess was suppressed. Just look at this game of chess, Korean before the idea of ​​"Putting Huan came out on top,"

certainly not exaggerations.The final winner of the first two are in the disk, 180 hand first inning, the second inning only 156

hand quite quickly. This is very rare in substantial weight with ample Ying Shibei final, also can be seen from the side of the

decisive battle in the end is still young, and each other state has its ups and downs,

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