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Simple couple of care for people with cerebral palsy and epilepsy daughter 27 years

Posted Apr 21 2012 6:56am
Yesterday morning,the reader Zhu our hotline 85055555:our village has a pair of very good retired worker ,have two daughters ,daughter attend university now, the daughter is 27 years old this year ,born 40 daysbegan to have a disease, husband and wife two people throughout the country many hospitals, finally diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy . Over the past 20 years ,the couple never abandon her hard care ,one can imagine ,especially during the pathogenesis ,father to his daughter from the 3 floorto send to the hospital under the back ,daily living to serve parents mother ,now 60 years old,with two old age ,later certainly more difficult to take care of his daughter ,but two old people is very strong ,the mother said ,as long as she had a daughter ,would have to serve good . It really makes people moved !Around the four provincial doctor ,spend savings at home the couple living in the Residence 3 Building 2unit 3 floor.Husband ,a wife named Li beauty on .In this two bedroom house ,but the couple ,also lived two daughters as well as the child grandpa grandma . Very carefully with steamed egg with white rice ,a few minutes later ,Li month Beats By Dr.Dre beauty into your mouth put on a mouth ,feel is soft, she was carrying his bowl ,and entered the room .With the Li month beautiful daughter walked in ,Jia ( a pseudonym ) side lying in bed ,she herself ,skinny . Because cannot speak, she can only issue a whispered babbling .At this time, her 80 year old grandmotherto help ,along with two people hold Jia ,Li beauty on ladle to ladle fed to the children . A small bowl of rice ,feeding more than 10 minutes .In this 27 years, the Li month every day doing such a thing ,it compulsory class .Back to the living room ,she simply tells the experiences of these years . The child was discharged after a few days ,suddenly appeared a tremor ,fever of the situation ,at times the provincial hospital ,the condition has not improved .Such little children every day ,suffering ,just an ordinary worker Li month beautiful couple fuck a broken heart . When I heard that Shanghai medicine developed, we went to Shanghai, Beats By Dr.Dre Studio and later heard a Shanxi hospital to see nerve disease ,we went to Shanxi .Large sums of money were spent on the child ,but no better . Finally, the couple put all sorts of things together the last money ,went to Beijing . The children were found to have severe cerebral palsy ,epilepsy ,no cure .This result was also be a glimmer of hope in the Li month American couples, is like a bolt from the blue . Returning to Hangzhou with child ,the couple is very confused .Although the child can not give up, but to the ordinary worker family ,the children how to take care of ,they became the problem . 27 years of care never abandon perhaps to the general said ,child cold have a fever ,most also is playing an eating medicine .But for us ,the children catch a cold, have a fever ,is likely to be a serious illness or even to her life . So ,in the usual care ,the couple is carefully .Do not let the child catch a cold ,do not let the child hot ,basically a night will arise many times .Even so ,but resistance difference of Jia will often ill . Every time and war as to the hospital to send .Once, it will have the Spring Festival ,the window a snowstorm is raging .That night, the child suddenly ill ,when the taxi is not on the scale ,the evening is not playing to . good to Beats By Dr.Dre Solo borrow a tricycle ,I used cotton ,quilt wrapped her ,so to the hospital for over .The result Monster Beats Headphones,the child again to survive ,but the couple clothes were soaked in snow .1990, home in the small daughter Lulu ( a pseudonym ) ,but the couple life did not deviate to health and her . In order to have more energy to take care of Jia ,Li on the United States voluntary brought modest strip wages ,begins at home with the full-time nanny to the daughter .This year nearly sixty mothers shook his head . She said ,to take care of his daughter as unalterable principles ,nothing special . Little daughter is very sensible ,always very independent ,capable, while school is busy, but has to work outside their family . But my parents over the years has been living with us ,take care of each other .Li on the United States ,although this day hard ,boring, but they share the happiness of a family union between family and did not die . And the Li month us worry about is ,as the couple is getting older and older ,for your care is increasingly difficult ,they often think of the future how to do, but are often afraid to think .
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