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Silence is gold

Posted Nov 29 2011 1:38am
When he wan is grade seven, separate by a narrow aisle, there was one girl sit the same row with him, she got a name of Nyah. N was a wilful girl, always with white shirt and light skirt, with higher clenched jaw, the cold look seemed can freeze anyone who dare to take to her forwardly to ice. But she was as beautiful as pandora the beauty in Greek fairy tales. Nyah did not relate well to others. Once he slung the strap of book bag with too much strength and had her beautiful pencil box, she stared at him with frown eyebrows, but finally did not say a word. He harbored great gratitude for her silence. His mother worked in one pandora jewelry store and his father was the chef doctor of tumor. Before long, it is said that Nyah was in hospital for pneumonia. He saw a piece of waste paper by her seat, and took it up to the dustbin. One day his father came for work and asked him whether he knew a girl names Nayh, because she got a cancer, even can not make a operation, only left waiting for the coming of death. Sience then he clean her seat every day, and did not say a word to any other. Three month later, Nyah came to school again, still with her light color cloth, but add a pandora bracelets around artifices. Her face was pale. There was no one no the truth, even Nyah herself thought it was pneumonia on the diagnosis paper. She got the cancer, and she was a gloom, tender girl, the only reason her parents sent her to school just wanted to make her happy on the last time of her life. She still wore a pandora earrings which was the last present for her birthday, the last birthday, from her mother who used to be strict with her about kinds of ornament. He was changing gradually, he often talked to her forwardly, and took hot water for her when she was pale, applauded for her when she sung a song occasionally. Even asked his mother bought a pandora necklace for her for no reason, his pop dog behavior arose the gossip that he had a crush on her, and took him the loyal knight of her, she began to hided from him. But he did not say one word; he knew it would be a great attack to her. During this time, Nyah caught a few times high fever, sometimes in hospital, and sometimes came to school with new pandora crystal, but her seat was clean all the time, and everyone had gotten used to his pop dog behaviors. Until one day, the miracle happened the cancer bells in her body had gone somehow. The doctor diagnosis that she recurred, because the high fever had killed the cancer bell, but it was very, very rare chance, maybe one of one hundred thousand percent chance, it was completely miracle. Then Nyah got to know that he was the son of her doctor. Story happened next was very romantic, they became good friends first and when they graduated from college, she accepted his pandora gold ring, they got married.
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