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Should I not use benedryl to calm me down during an anxiety attack?

Posted Jul 03 2010 2:19am

Last year I went through a dramatic experience when I became extremely depressed and suicidal and was cutting my wrists. This was when I first stared having anxiety attacks. I eventually went to a therapist and received help. But I still have anxiety attacks and when I have them I take benedryl to calm myself down or sometimes go to sleep. Should I stop this Habit?

The first thing my doctor told me about getting sleep and calming down was to try Dypenhydramine (Benadryl, Tylenol PM, Generic Sleep aids and antihistamines). It has notably fewer side effects than other prescribed medications and is not habit forming.

If Benadryl helps, then you should be fine taking it. Many people take it daily for allergies. Some people may experience agitation; naturally those people should not take it.

I have taken all sorts of medication for anxiety. Benadryl does not help when I do have anxiety incidents. If it works for you, I would say that you are extremely lucky.

If you notice that you are experiencing the following as a result of your condition SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY: suicidal thoughts, confusion, amnesia, tightness of chest, shortness of breath (kind of like hyperventilating, an extreme symptom of anxiety). Insomnia lasting more than 5 days.

If you have the previous symptoms, there are medications that your doctor can give you to help.

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