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sharp pain at the outer side of my legs burning pain and heavy tingling at toes can any body help

Posted by dawn

hi my legs are in pain ive got sharp horrblie pains heavy feeling in my legs cant stand for long and cant sleep
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The intense pain down the side and back of your leg and tingling of your lower leg could be a sign of spinal stenosis, and possibly stenosis of the outlet where the the sciatic nerve goes down your leg. Degenerative arthritis may have formed bony spurs putting pressure on the spinal cord and sciatic nerve. Sometimes steroid epidurals are helpful, plus NSAIDS (like Motrin or Voltaren), then again, if the pain is worsening you may need a vertebral laminectomy and maybe a spinal fusion to relieve pressure on the nerves
Viv Patient Expert

I have experienced many symptoms and the sharp pain at the outer side of my left leg has always been there.  It is considerably better.  Here is what worked for me:

While in bed, wiggle your legs, sort of like having restless legs, does that make sense.  I naturally have restless legs, so it comes easy to me.  You must try to increase the circulation in your legs and toes. 

* Shake your legs and arms and softly massage the parts that hurt. 

* Use a warm compress on the areas.

* Slowly start stretching your arms and legs, I know it hurts, but it is necessary.

* Now sit up and massage your feet and toes.  Massage the bottom of your feet or have someone else do it for you.

* The key is to keep moving even though it hurts.  

I have several tips on my site that should help you.  This is one of my favorite tips:

Here is another way to help your sore muscles and fatigue:


Take a 30 minute hot bath, when getting out of the tub, wrap up in a warm towel and go to bed and nap.

I do this as often as you need it.  However make sure you make an effort to move and stretch.  I know it hurts, but you will feel the progress if you stick to it!  Good Luck



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