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Secret with the AC must Anthich insane? These times is simply not

Posted Jan 14 2013 6:19am
China offers an chestnut heads are superior to Sade Anthich Lei team as a good teaching assistant, Alexander is the goalkeeping coach Darko statistical techniques. Support for Anthich Luneng really been selected because aid. The coaching staff members are equipped to avoid the identical mistakes - last season Luneng scores plummeting, Henk ten Cate in the middle of class, through the 27 games due to miscommunication does not include general and targeted making use of opponents question occurred, thus relieving the eccentric device 26 sets the starting lineup from the team difficult to resolve. Maybe Darko currently is the assistant principal Anthich is certainly an important reason may be that from 2004 to 2006, Tuba trailer Darko Luneng as goalkeeping coach, they know the specific situation Luneng club. Anthich also said bluntly: "Darko and that i use a a number of communication, it is a very experienced coach, you will be a great help if you."
Darko such as an old acquaintance, and players in training, exchange, and any one journalist, he surely could say hello. For coaches, players possess the most fun thing is his footwork saw Darko practice recovery goalkeeper Wang injuries do LeBron James Authentic Jersey not ever help young players could and Yang Chen said, voice barely "If the mouth (nickname Darko) is footwork never breeding overall. " Darko penalty area and pulled the ball over the beam dizzy, Yang Chen. "If rrt had been intentional, it may well really cow" Ms. Wang said, these officers who Luneng WuJinGui and Liu Jingwei, "It's like a cow." may be the compound of one's direction and Anthich Luneng between two bridges. Wu Jingui direct operator Luneng Xuanshuai, team leader in Anthich Wu Jingui not anymore involved at the end of last season, while the Dwyane Wade Swingman Jersey implementation of this coach accounts for the of. Training, Wu Jingui usually observed only around the sidelines, sometimes together with managers Liu Yu, Han presence Association Falun see the formation and communication, team training and competition thing, I can't attend .
"Nobody WuJinGui pretty responsible and technical director among the team, good relations along with the leaders of clubs WuJinGui Anthich important task communication and clubs could be supported, and security requires intelligence adversary commander and wider develop techniques and tactics, ones own understanding. situation and proposals Liu Jingwei Luneng new leader, served as team leader Liu Jingwei looked Luneng workers as used by plenty of people, from morning to night to sleep in are probably the largest player before he can relax, " I am also up to date with the approach team, . i hope which will offer the club along with the coach of a typical good management team. Luneng training, Liu Jingwei can probably relax, but the maintenance, clothes piled things still need him that come forward, Luneng maintenance Liu Liu Jingwei Jingwei, formerly Head of Publicity and Group Newspapers publication also quite sigh: "I need to work now sits works." It is composed by nbaeliteshopjerseys 01.14.2013
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