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Rubber Hex Dumbbells

Posted May 06 2010 11:47am

by Anne on May 6, 2010

in Workout

Rubber Hex Dumbbells

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Every gym requires essential gym equipments keeping in mind the different exercises and requirements of the clients.

Some of the most essential gym equipments are:

Dumbbells are the first equipment that should be present in a gym - a weight train equipment wherein performing the variety of exercises develops muscles. This versatile equipment can provide the ultimate body workout. It is used for chest and forearms exercises. An ideal dumbbell should have standard shape, size, and grip. It should lay steady in the hands of the user. There are two available dumbbell types in the market: hex and adjustable. Hex dumbbells are for beginners as they are simpler and cheaper in cost. It is made of iron coated baked enamel. The adjustable type is more expensive, time consuming, yet space saving.

Barbell set helps perform heavy exercises particularly because user will be lifting heavy weights using this equipment to improve chest endurance. This equipment is made of steel with carved patterns and plates are steel discs attached at the ends of the barbell. There are 3 types of barbell set: Olympic barbell, standard and Olympic bar. The Olympic barbell is the ideal set of barbell. It consists of 45 pounds weight, 7ft in height with 150-pound plates. The standard barbell is 20 pounds in weight and 5-7 ft in height. The Olympic bar is 35 pounds in weight and 5-6 ft in height. Plates are designed with 25-45 pounds weight. Ideally males carry 20 kilograms and females about 15 kilograms. Exercise professionals say that barbell squat is the king of all bodybuilding exercises.

Exercise bench is the third equipment. It consists of an exercise bench, which should be stable and sturdy. Varieties of benches include flat, inclined, and declined. Other features include leg extension or leg curl attachments. It is used with bench press and other free weight lifting exercises.

Squat rack allows user to perform heavier exercises when he or she has mastered the dumbbells. It is also known as power cage, squat cage, or power rack. It consists of four vertical posts, a movable bar, and side catchers. It helps user perform partial bench press, squats, and dead lift exercises freely.

Dip Station is gym equipment consisting of a solid metal frame, a base and two rubber coated grip dip bars. It helps develop shoulders, thicker delts, and stronger triceps.

Calf raise machines are also known as Smith machines. It consists of a barbell, which moves upward and downward on steel runners with weight rack base to help stabilize the exercise. It helps perform high jumps. There are two types of calf raise machine: standing and seated. Standing calf raise machine should be stable, vertical and plate loadable. Seated calf raise machine allows performance of calf raise exercises while sitting down.

Exercise ball is also known as Swiss ball. It is made of elastic soft PVC with a 35-85 cm in diameter. It is ideally used for physical therapy and exercises.

Treadmill is equipment, which consists of a belt system user, allows running or walking so the top of the belt moves to the rear and allowing user to run on same speed. Some treadmills are motor driven and others are manual. Motor driven treadmills are more expensive yet durable. Manual treadmills are simple and cheaper. Some are created foldable and omni directional function.

Elliptical machines are also known as cross trainers. It is a machine used to stimulate walking and running for a cardiovascular workout.

Rubber bands are used to increase energy level and provide resistance. Ideally, workout rubber band should be strong and loose.

Exercise bikes or stationary bikes are equipment with pedals, saddle, and handlebars created like bicycle but used for exercise. Some are recumbent and others are upright. It is used for general fitness.

Mats are used to keep the user clean while performing floor and stretching exercises. It is usually made of large foams.

Cable crossover machines consist of frames with pulleys located on top and bottom with attached weight stacks to supply resistance. It allows user to perform lat pull downs and triceps press down exercises.

Steppers and stair climbers are machines that are real stairs adaptation. It comes with a stepper type, which are two-foot plates and handrails. Another variation is the rolling staircase, which is a collaboration of the treadmill and staircase.

Spinners are bikes that were designed to allow user visualize cycling up and down.

Medicine balls are rubber, leather, and synthetic made. Some are designed with handles. It helps perform different exercises to increase muscle strength.

Exercise bar includes the push up bar, pull up bar and chin up bar. These are versatile bars, which add variation to the exercises performed. Push up bars are used for the arms, chest and back while chin up and pull up are used for the arms and back. All 3 bars are useful for abs exercise.

Step Benches are used for cardiovascular training. It is adjustable, lightweight, easy to store, non-slip surface with step and bench adjustable.

Rowing machines or the indoor rower is similar to watercraft rowing. Some machines come with an ergometer, a device to determine the amount of work performed.

Leg press machine is equipment to perform leg exercises. Pushing a weight thru the legs performs it. It has two types: the diagonal or vertical 'sled' type and 'cable' type leg press, or 'seated leg press'. The diagonal or vertical type involves pushing plates upward. The seated leg press also known as multigyms involves pushing plates forward.

A hyperextension machine is equipment used to develop back and define hamstring muscles. A good hyperextension machine is one, which is fully adjustable with built in non-slip footplate and thick pad.

Bowflex machine is Nautilus, Inc created strength training exercise equipment. It is made of combined polymer rods to produce tension. In 2004, 420,000 units were recalled due to mechanical problems and so in 2006 a new model was introduced in the market.

Jump rope is equipment used to burn calories. It is simple and cost efficient. It is made of materials like beaded, vinyl, leather, and cloth. An ideal jump rope should be of the right length. Different varieties of jump rope include single rope, long rope and double Dutch ropes. Market offers jump ropes with talking digital calorie counting and digital speed counting.

Mirror serves as motivational and progressive reflection of the user's output while performing the exercises. It helps monitor and provide feedback for the user.

Weight Trees and Dumbbell Racks are used as organizers for the plates used in the barbells and dumbbells. It helps user refrain from bending down while performing exercises.

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