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Royce White, the Houston Rockets, and anxiety in the workplace.

Posted Nov 15 2012 4:51pm

Royce White, the basketball player attempting to make it in the NBA with severe anxiety disorder , is apparently at an impasse with his employer, the Houston Rockets . At this point it's a he said-she said affair, with White claiming that the Rockets have been inconsistent in their "support" of him, and the Rockets organization making ambiguous comments about what's going on.

This is a tough situation. I hope White and the Rockets can work it out, or White can find his way somewhere where he sees eye to eye with his employer. I hope everyone involved learns something, especially if it makes it easier for people with anxiety in the workplace -- and makes hiring people with anxiety seem less risky to employers.

Props to Henry Abbott for his approach to the story, which respects White and his travails rather than denigrating him for not being more manly, or spouting some other "suck it up!" caveman-jock nonsense.

Anxiety and the workplace previously on PANIC!

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