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Rocket arena of pre-season against xinaoerlianghuangfeng

Posted Oct 13 2012 5:13am
Rocket arena of pre-season against xinaoerlianghuangfeng, and eventually they overwhelmed 95-75, Lin Shuhao (micro-blogging) the winner was to play 23 minutes, getting 9-7 assists 2 steals.First half the match, Lin Shuhao didn't cause any trouble, seems to adapt to the pace of the game, but by the second half, forest spurt Dunks + continuous firing of breakthrough also let people see Nick duringnike air max 2011 australia   man-Ho guy, especially between him and team-mate series, show a sense of understanding.Earlier, has media will Lin Shuhao and Martin combination rated new season five big bad partner, however in this field competition in, two people of perfect for let outside of questioned into has dashed, in third section for to 10 points 50 seconds Shi, Lin Shuhao in Hou field with ball, at this time he observation to Martin early raids to basket Xia, saw forest wrist a shook, ball precision from WaSP three bit defense players of head through, falls to has Martin hand in, assists which easily scored, this remember baseball type of pass extreme wonderful,Both last season when Nick was the pre-season, cross-field passes have become Lin Shuhao a highlight.

And in then, is Lin Shuhao, he in once attack in the COP-out: it didn't tackle, pass to Martin, assistsnike air max light for sale which jump shot became, in and goalscorer of interactive Shang, Lin Shuhao do of very excellent, forever not corruption Gong, to teammate for Center, this is Lin Shuhao successfully of origin, in Nepal grams Republika period, he is so do of, in rocket period, also is so, dang Martin face Shang hanging with easily of smile Shi, on know he playing was has how pleasant.In this section for to 5 points 07 seconds Shi, forest cyclone again hit to, Lin Shuhao ball bolted to frontcourt, and and he while Xia fast attack of also has buddy Parsons, in will near basket Xia Shi, Lin Shuhao suddenly a universe big moved, horizontal pass to Parsons, assists which storm buckle became, in Nepal grams Republika period, fields, and Connaught w grams, per capita became has "book Hao of friends", and new season, Parsons also is expected to in Lin Shuhao of help Xia made more big of successfully.

And Ji Qian tournament opener rather different, Lin Shuhao in this field competition intends to strengthening has on ext of shock, if said first half just is test, then second half he is is full release has hands, he first using breakthrough squeeze opened WaSP two bit defense players of package clip, forced bothering dribblers and caused foul, then just had has 25 seconds, Lin Shuhao again rushed into area, this once, using leave action, completed anxious stopped jump shot again cheat foul, Lin Shuhao continuous firing type of attack also let WaSP players big brain height tension,-Robin Lopez in the defense of these ruthless hands.Then distance third section also left 4 points 32 seconds, Lin Shuhao shake had defense people into area, and Lopez seeing cannot limit forest cyclone, only Festival out sand Palm, in behind gave to shot to Lin Shuhao shoulder, will its heavy pull down in to, and scene big screen Shang also began continuous play this a malicious foul lens, attracted Hugh City fans extreme discontent, then Lopez and ran front and Lin Shuhao embrace, to which apologized.Audience got 9 min Lin Shuhao 7 assists 2 steals, Dunks on the basis of his, Lin Hao stepped up their attack, this is a good signal, the new season, Lin Shuhao outburst will also be voted for the perfect combination of better killing opponents.
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