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Random Tuesday Thoughts that were actually done on Tuesday!!

Posted Jul 31 2009 11:41am


So been browsing some new hosts for my blog! Gotta tell ya, not a big fan of Typepad ~gasp~.  I tried to hang in there but I just didn’t find it user friendly for the non technical types like me.  Kudos to my bloggy friends who stuck it out and love Typepad, you have my utmost bloggy respect.   So now I’m playing around with self hosting on WordPress. May the force be with me. Already have my new blog name picked out and am working with the one and only FABULOUS NAPWARDEN (thanks for the referral big sis!) check out her work.  Hopefully I’ll be all settled into the new blog in a few weeks and of course I’ll leave a link for ya.

Wondering if Meggers has a tummy bug or just a case of car sickness?? The past two days I’ve had to pick her up early from camp as she’s thrown up in poor Miss Cindy’s car on the way to different activities.  However, once home is  driving me up the wall   having fun playing.   Might keep her home tomorrow just to be sure it’s not a bug.  No fever though? Hmmm?!?

My dog has the worst gas and always seems to let it go when my nose is in the line of fire.  OMG she’s absolutely caustic!!

Why is it socks always disappear in the laundry?? I mean you put two socks in but only one comes out, what’s up with that?

Hope Megs teacher for first grade is cool! Wonder if she’ll send a cool letter like her Kindergarten teacher did?  Meg is excited about going into first grade and I’m excited for her.

Meg has been telling me she’s a big girl and that she’s gonna  be grown up in a week!  Oh yeah? Well then get out there, get a job and start contributing to this household.  ~grin~ She’s also obsessed with having babies will definitely have to dedicate a whole blog to that… baby (no pun intended).

Alright gotta go clean house some more so if you want more randomness head on over to Keely at THE UN MOM.



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