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Public Transportation (Flashback) and Anxiety + Project 365

Posted Nov 18 2010 2:03am

Before I had my own car, my only mode of transportation was public transportation. Oh my goodness, the bus was a huge trigger for my anxiety. I remember getting on the bus, walking down the isle, and  feeling like everyone was staring at me and judging me. Even once I took my seat, the whole bus ride all I could think about was what people were thinking about me.

When I  begin using Dr. Richards audio series , bus rides stopped causing me the major anxiety they once did.

1. Everyday I got on holding my head up. I realized that yes, some people were looking at me, but only because that's what people do. It's just like when you walk into a classroom late. People look at you, not because they're judging you, but because it's a natural human reaction.

2. Once I sat down, I took a look around. Who was staring at me? No one. Everyone was caught up in their own thoughts and conversations.

The thing about social anxiety is that it makes you feel like you're the center of everyone's universe, when in reality people see you as being a normal human being, just as you see them. Yes, you are special, but you're not so special that people have nothing better to do than focus on your every move.

Project 365
I added a little bit too much salt to my meatballs, so I was stuck having McDonald's for dinner. :(

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