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Pregnant Mummy in Fashion

Posted Oct 04 2012 8:31am

Many mothers are always concerned about their own stomach grows up day by day, figure will become bloated obesity, wear clothes that are not appropriate with them. In fact, there are many beautiful maternity clothes, let MOM walk in the fashion tide, reproduce once-pretty graceful charm.

Maternity clothes to take full account of the year female physiological changes during pregnancy, designed to be adjustable girth, no matter how odd month-old mother put on her very fit.

Brilliant colors:

Big red, emerald, gray and purple and gorgeous colors have become pregnant this season charging leisure's flagship. Or solid colors or decorated decoration color or in color pattern, let the pregnant Mummy fashion look reveals a soft, increasing new vitality of life.

Popular models:

Trim and smooth dress, collar, chest, waist, and so pregnant women wear v neck, both important parts of whole body chain, collar open to the waist buckle in the middle or side chain functional design and chest line of lace, silk, satin, wide waist line decoration, Ruffles, pleats, lace and other popular elements decorate. Let pregnant Mommy to feel stylish, comfortable and convenient.

Fashion fabrics:

Softer fabrics, such as chiffon, silk, cotton, match the patterns or solid colors. Let the pregnant Mummy feel slim dress, comfortable, and does not cause skin irritation.

Home articles

Cool colors:

Pale yellow, light pink, off-whit, blue such as blue-dominated home services, particularly refreshing in the hot summer, even when wearing at home, the mood is just as refreshing. So when you at home, you can also wear fashion casual maternity dress.

Comfortable fabric:

Light natural fabrics such as cotton, hemp, contact with the skin of the pregnant Mommy does not cause allergies. This fabric is to comfortable carry, good permeability, which is very suitable for pregnant Mommy wears at home.

Simple style:

Trim fit shorts and short sleeve jacket mix of smooth, let the pregnant Mommy dressed in a more convenient and comfortable. No sleeves, short sleeves, Princess jacket sleeves, and wave edges, Ribbon, decorative, such as GATHERING, added some soft in the simplicity. Adjustable waist shorts retractable design, pants open, snap, or tie features such as design, can meet the physical changes of pregnancy Mommy needs.

Buying Tips:

Dresses, in the chest and abdomen have a relaxed fit and design. When pregnant Mommy are wearing, select without a sense of too tight dresses. Put in the chest, abdomen, you must be careful of their relaxed comfort, not the belly. If it is a knit fabric, elastic as preferred. Besides if you need to attend an important occasion, you can also wear fashion formal maternity dress.

Shorts at the waist and abdomen with strainer design of retractable or can pull out exhibition at the waist and abdomen left margin. Pass before opening or side-opening, pregnant Mommy wears off.

Pants lace or buckle design, make it easy for pregnant women when there is a swelling of the legs free adjustment.

Pregnant Mommy shoes must also be carefully chosen. Fashionable pregnancy put matching shoes, styles can be selected slightly soft shamelessly wedges sandals. If it is a tie, you can adjust at any time according to the degree of swelling waist. If you want to choose a slightly larger in size, so as to it can avoid squeezing the foot when the foot swelling and causing foot discomfort.

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