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Please help i suffer anxiety disorder and panic attack?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  anxiety panic disorder

Does anyone knows of a medication to treat anxiety and panic disorder that does not cause weight gain plue depression too.Or any other thing i can to to control the attack i have them every day .Please need help

Most vital is that when you feel it coming on, do not go into fear mode that you are about to have one because that will only escalate it and don' t try to escape from it-embrace the attack and breath slowly and gently into it. Comfort yourself the way you would an innocent child. In general, I highly recommend you do some writing and allow your deepest feelings to pour out onto the paper-no one else has to ever see what you wrote if that adds to your sense of safety. But let yourself release some of what is within you and be gentle with yourself! Have you meditated before?

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