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Pilates Power

Posted Jun 25 2010 9:55pm

Pilates Power

Pilates – the Power to Heal Your Body

Millions of people like you are discovering the radical changes that Pilates can bring to your mind and body. So what is Pilates, and why are so many people spending fortunes on Pilates classes?

Healing Motion

Pilates is a complete mind and body routine that improves the performance of the human body.

The Pilates principle, created by Joseph Pilates in the 1900s, involves conditioning the entire body by proper alignment, centring, concentration, control, precision, breathing and flowing movements.

Pilates focuses on the core postural muscles which help keep your body balanced. These critical muscles support your spine. When these muscles are weak or misaligned, you’ll know about it – as this is where chronic pain often starts.

Economy, Grace and Balance

The principle aim of Pilates is to create a fusion of your mind and body, so that your body will learn to move with economy, grace and balance.

Mastering the art of Pilates allows you to tap into your body’s ultimate powers – giving you access to your natural strength and vitality. Pilates will connect you to your strengths, counteract your weaknesses, and correct your imbalances.

Mastery of Pilates requires careful practice – you must be mindful of your body as you perform the Pilates movements.

How people benefit from Pilates

Joseph Pilates created his new system of movement while treating injured soldiers returning from the battlefields of World War One. The Pilates system was designed to be a versatile solution to a huge variety of conditions and ailments.

What would you change about your life?

Pilates can bring huge rewards:

·        Pilates improves your mobility and flexibility

·        Pilates makes you physically stronger, by developing your core muscles

·        If you suffer with back pain or stiff joints, Pilates gradually lifts away the pain you feel

·        If you walk or run, but find you’ve hit a wall and can’t improve, try Pilates. By building your core strength and stability, you will soon notice increased speed, endurance and resistance to injury

·        If you suffer from a disability or are rehabilitating after injury, then the Pilates system will help you recover quickly and effectively – reducing the likelihood of recurrences or relapses

·        If you, like me, enjoy sports and are looking for more power, speed or agility, you’ll love how Pilates can raise your game. Pilates is my secret weapon on the tennis court!

·        Pilates also teaches you perfect posture, helping you to stand tall and proud

Learning Pilates

So, does Pilates sound like something you would like to try? Pilates is not a miracle cure. It’s a system for moving and for living. To really benefit from the art of Pilates, you must give it time. Try searching online for Pilates classes near you, or consider learning by DVD.

Courses and classes are great if you have the time and like working with other people, not everyone has the time or the money to learn in this way. For me there are so many other things that I like to do, so I have found a set of DVDs that take you from Beginner, through Intermediate to Advanced level enabling anyone to learn this great art.  I am so impressed with Pilates that I have made these DVDs available to everyone at .  My name is Derek and you can find out more about what I do at .  I have also produced a FREE Brochure that you can receive through the post, just call 0845 003 8366, leave your details and we will send your brochure.

About the Author

My name is Derek and you can find out more about what I do at

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