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Posted Sep 26 2008 5:16pm
Yesterday I went to a seminar about Customer Service, but they had a lecture on reducing stress that I thought was interesting. They had the normal tips that aren’t hard to figure out on your own or have a doctor tell you: diet, stay hydrated, exercise, relaxation, life/ work balance etc, but here are a few additional insights that I thought were interesting:
  • Limit your time that you work at home or if possible, leave your work at work. Pick a spot halfway home on your commute, a stop sign, a stop light, or a landmark for example, where once you reach it you are no longer allowed to think about work.
  • When you get home from work, get out of your work clothes and put on more relaxing clothes. Just like we tell our kids to get out of their school clothes and put on their play clothes, we should do the same.
  • “Unplug” from the world occasionally. When I go out on a date with my spouse, I usually leave my cell phone at home. Then I don’t get bothered during our time together. If you want to keep it for an emergency, just turn it off sometimes for a few hours so you can relax in peace.
  • Hobbies are rejuvenating and we shouldn’t put them off.
  • Avoid procrastination as that will make more things become urgent or a fire to be put out which raises your overall stress levels.
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