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Part one: Offensive-Oriented Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

Posted Mar 18 2013 6:56am

??Part one: Offensive-Oriented Guild Wars 2 Elementalist

??Landmark weapon of Elementalist is Staff. Staff looks like very graceful and with noble flavor. Moreover, its distance of attack is the farthest among masses of weapons. While a large proportion of Elementalists have a doubt, that is, how to speed up the campaign rhythm at the same maintain elegance? Generally speaking, it costs a long time to deal with a monster after several times hits and run. Maybe these two Builds in the rest article will be benefit to you to a certain extent.

??Due to the attacking-place limitation of Staff, we may miss the target sometimes, and we have to hit and run again and again. Thus, the moving speed is very important for the Elementalist. In addition, it is necessary for us to get well acknowledge of the properties of weapons and skills. I'd like to remind you that before you decided to buy powerful Guild Wars 2 armors or weapons in the Black Lion Trading Company, you’d better place order here to prepare abundant cheapest Guild Wars 2 Gold. It is the best way to save money.

??At first, I will introduce to you a set of Build, which intends to the offensive Elementalist. Seventy traits allocates as follows: Air and Earth Attunement each10 points, Water Attunement 30 points, and Arcane 20 points. And their skills respectively select as follows: Zephyr's Boon, Elemental Shielding, Scoothing Disruption, Cleansing Wave, and Powerful Aura. The skills build of the above focuses on both offensive and defensive. And Blasting Staff as the skill of Arcane, which is used to broaden the AOE of Staff, and others.

??Both Earth and Water Attunement belong to exposure afterwards. So, I'm accustomed to enter the fight with Earth skills. Cast Earth Skill 2nd at a far-distant position → Earth Skill 5th to fasten up → Earth Skill 4th to broke the monster’s leg. This is the first step to disable the target’s leg. Then switch skills to Water Attunement. Exert Water Skill 2nd at a point ahead of the monster → Water Skill 4th to freeze the ground. This is the second step to aggravate its injury through set a trap to lead it swallow an ice stab. Then continuously switch the skill to Air Attunement, and cast Air Skill 2nd to blind it.

??At this time, the monster run in our front, and set attack to us angrily, but we don’t need to be scared about this, because the blinded monster will miss the target often. Let's cast Air Skill 3rd and 5th to set it far away from us. After this, let's switch swiftly to Fire Attunement, and set fire with the Fire Skill 2nd to a position ahead of the monster will move on, and then cast Fire Skill 3rd to bring the whole battle to the end. After the consequent strike and attack to the monster, it has to say Goodbye to us.

??It is benefit to grasp different awesome builds for crafting more GW2 Gold in the battlefield. I have introduced to you an offensive-oriented Elementalist Build. Next, I'll introduce to you a Build of defensive-oriented.

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