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Posted Mar 23 2010 8:28pm

i have HORRIBLE panic attacks…but i am getting better=)
when u experience one..what are the dominant symptoms that you experience?

I have suffered from panic attacks for 5 years….when they first started I would get dizzy, every negative thing I could think of would race through my head, I would get cold but be sweating, my heart would race, I would shake, and my chest would hurt….after years of living with it, I got sick of them and did alot of research and realized that they can’t hurt me….the best way to overcome them is to understand what they are and that they won’t hurt you. after you realize this, when you start to feel them coming on you will be able to ignore them and eventually your brain will become accustomed to this and they will pass within seconds with no problem….good luck and God bless you….

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