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PANIC ATTACK?????????/??

Posted Mar 23 2010 8:28pm

i think i had 1
can u explain to me what happens during a panic attack?
well its happened more than once
my heart WAS racing
i couldnt breathe
i was hot and dizzy
and i threw up
and afterwards i calmed down but i was really paranoid and shakey
was this and anxiety attack or a panic attack?
are they the same thing?

Yes you’ve had one 100% and its mega scary!
1.Racing heart
3.weak and shaky
5.shortness of breath
6.Feeling scared
So you have had one it seems,but if it happens again try to stay calm and breath slowly! another tip is to hold a paper bag over you nose and mouth, and breath in and out slowly and calmly this will make the heart beat slow down to a normal pace.

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