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Panic Attack Treatment - 5 Proven Panic Attacks Treatment Methods

Posted Nov 04 2009 8:04am 1 Comment

Everyone who suffered even one panic attack in their life is terrified of having another episode in the future. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from panic attacks don't know the right ways which can help them reduce stress levels and reduce the chances of having another panic attack.
Here are 5 simple yet proven panic attack treatment methods:

1.    Physical Exercise
Any form of regular physical exercise (walking, running, yoga..) is a great panic attack treatment. Physical exercise will reduce your stress levels significantly and help you relief your body from build up anxiety. The endorphins produces by your body during physical exercise will make you feel better and at the same time help you cope with anxiety and panic attacks thoughts in your mind.

2.    Mental Exercise
When your mind is preoccupied with happy and positive thoughts it’s much easier for you to avoid building up anxiety and having a panic attack. If possible, whenever you feel stressed, you should take a break and practice deep breathing which will help you relax. Different relaxation and even meditation techniques are great panic attack treatment methods because they will help you keep your mind calm and free of disturbing thoughts that can cause anxiety or panic attacks.

3.    Reducing your intake of caffeine and alcohol
The relationship between alcohol and panic attacks can be tricky.  Sometimes alcohol can be a trigger for panic/anxiety, but sometimes people use alcohol to treat anxiety. Alcohol is considered a depressant, and most panic attack sufferers tend to be more susceptible to the effect of such chemicals. When a person drinks during an attack, he or she tends to worsen the condition. Most stimulant drugs (caffeine, nicotine) would be expected to worsen the condition, since they directly increase the symptoms of panic, such as heart rate. Cutting down on your caffeine and alcohol reduces the chances of panic attack significantly and makes panic attack treatment easier.

4.    Changing your diet
Having a healthy, balanced diet will help you in many ways. Well balanced food intake will make you feel happier, better, and healthier. It will positively influence your self esteem, make you feel stronger and reduce your stress levels. All of these factors make a healthy diet excellent panic attack treatment method.

5.    Getting enough sleep
You feel better when you're well-rested, but insufficient sleep can affect more than your cheerful disposition. With all the stress and busyness in our lives we seem to be sleeping less and doing more on less sleep., thus not giving our bodies that much needed break from life for the eight hours that it requires to rebuild and strengthen our bodies back to normal. 6-8 hours of sleep for most adults is enough not to increase your stress levels which lead to anxiety or panic attacks.

Other panic attack treatment methods include engaging in aerobic exercise and stress-management techniques like deep breathing and yoga, since these activities have also been found to help decrease the frequency and severity of panic attacks.

Learn how to control your breathing and use relaxation techniques – best natural panic attack treatment methods!


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