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Panic Attack and Anxiety Disorder – What is the Difference Between the Two States of Mind?

Posted May 03 2010 1:18am

I’m sure panic & anxiety begin in the mind and go much farther than that. I’m trying to get some clarity about the essential differences between the two, and if changes to your diet can begin the treatment process.

Panic attack is a short-term response to fear (which may or may not recur at regular times) while an anxiety disorder is a longer term problem that is chronic in nature.

There’s a thin line between the two and the symptoms often overlap. Emotional factors trigger a panic attack and cause reactions like excessive sweating, trembling, fear of dying or choking.

An anxiety disorder goes beyond psychological factors and includes physical symptoms like chest pain, sudden chills, fatigue, insomnia & shortness of breath.

A low carb diet rich in vitamin B is one way to tackle panic & anxiety attacks. It keeps your blood sugar level in check and eases nervous tension.

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