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Pain and cramps in left arm

Posted by annabug

What can be the cause of me getting pain in my left arm and cramps in my left palm? Sometimes at night I also feel my heart racing or thumping really hard and fast when I am asleep and I immediately get up.
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I experience the exact same thing, but mostly in the day time.  Yes, I think you should get up.  When it happens to me, I get up, take my bp, and sugar because I have diabetes.  I also take anxiety meds and if my heart rate is over 95, I take a half of my anxiety meds and an asprin.  I have read many place that an anxiety attack can cause a heart attack so I try my best to stay on top of things so I won't get a panic attack.  If you do not have any of those conditions I have, I still think you should get up and get that heart rate down, but not before trying to relax and do breathing exercises first.
Ian Health Maven

The pain in your left palm and arm could be caused by a large number of things so you really need to have this checked out by a doctor.

Accelerated heart rate during sleep is fairly common and usually nothing to worry about. It can be triggered by normal neurotransmitter changes during sleep, or just from a bad dream. To ease your concerns have your doctor check your blood pressure and heart.

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