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Optimum way to take Xanax for intense GAD?

Posted Oct 07 2009 4:41pm

Posted:  GAD

I' m 21, male, 185cm (approx. 6 feet), 115kg (approx. 250 pounds) and suffering from severe GAD. Would an optimum way for me to take Xanax be 2mg when I wake up and 2mg six hours later? For example, wake up 8am, take 2mg, take another 2mg at 2pm. I hate the idea of taking too many doses throughout the day and I don' t think Xanax XR is available in Australia.

Did your doctor not tell you? I have bad Panic Disorder and I only take .5 three times a day. 2 mg would knock me out. You could just test it out and see, but you need to start small, then up the dose as you need it. You' ll figure it out before too long, as to what dose you need.

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