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One eye two eyes and three eyes ------two

Posted Feb 03 2012 5:36am
At this time, the witch said:“lovely two eyes , you are so beautiful, why do you cry?”the two eyes girl did not say any thing. She knew she was not a lucky pandora. But she could not know why her mother could treat her so bad. Even her sisters also liked that. In fact they should be the close relations, but it changed to this on earth. She really did not know the answer. she really. “ Do not cry. Dry your tears, let me give you a method. You will not bear the hunger. Only you say something to this lovely small goat: small goat, baa , baa, small table, I want to eat. If you do this, a table with a clear table-clothing will appear. There are a lot of delicious food on it. You can eat anything you want. You will not bear the anger. If you feel full ,need not to eat any more, only say: dear small goat, baa, baa, small table, please disappear. Then, it will disappear at once. ” the witch went away. Two eyes thought :“I must have a try at once. if that I will know if her words is true. And now I am really too hungry.” So she said:“small goat, baa, baa, small table, I want to eat.” The words just ended. A small table with a white table-clothing appeared. There was a plate a spoon and a knife on the table. So many delicious foods with heat were on the table. Just liked they were finished from the kitchen just now. she ate it very happily. When she felt full she said:“dear goat, baa, baa, small table, please disappear.” At once, the table disappeared. And all the delicious food also disappeared. “This kind of life is so wonderful.” Two eyes felt so happy. Even one eye had pandora bracelets, three eyes had pandora charm, but two eyes never grudged them. she did not wanted any pandora jewelry. Even they had pandora gold or pandora silver. It was all right. Two eyes did not want the money. She only wanted to have a happy life, a kind mother and the sisters. Everyday they had breakfast. Then they did the work together. Every day was happy. How beautiful it was! She did not want to too much. She only wanted the simple life, but it was so difficult.
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