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One eye two eyes and three eyes--------one

Posted Feb 03 2012 12:41am
Long ago. There was a woman. she had three daughters. But one every one was pandora. The oldest girl called one eye cause she only had one eye, it was in the middle of forehead. The older girl called two eyes, cause she had the ordinary two eyes as others. The youngest girl called three eyes, cause she had three eyes ,except the two ordinary eyes as others she had an eye in the middle of forehead as the oldest girl. But cause two eyes had the ordinary eyes as others so her mother and her sisters disliked her. They said to her:“you have two eyes , you have no more advantages than the ordinary people, you are not belong to us!” so, they always ordered her to do this or that, only left her the poor clothes to wear, let her eat the left food and tried to use any methods to torture her. The mother had three pandora jewelry. Pandora bracelets pandora charm and pandora beads. But she did not give it to two eyes. She gave the pandora bracelets to one eye, pandora charm to three eyes. The pandora necklace she left to herself. But even though, two eyes did not think too much. She does not want any pandora jewelry. Even they have pandora gold or pandora silver, two eyes did not any, and she wanted only a simple life. The sisters loved her and the mother loved her, but it was so difficult. One day, sisters only let two eyes eat little food then let her go to outside to lead the goat to eat grass. She felt sad, she thought a lot, so she cried on the grass sadly. The tears like a brook dropped down from her eyes. She could not understand why their mother treated her so much. They were sisters, but they treated her so bad. Every times she thought about it, she felt the world was so sad. When she lifted up her head, she found a woman besides her. In fact she was a witch. Only heard the witch said to her:“two eyes, why do you cry?” Two eyes answered :“I do not want . But because I have two eyes as other ordinary people, my mother and my sisters do not like me. They throw me from a corner to another. Only give me the poor clothes. Only let me ear the left food. They give me the little food, and now I am really hungry.
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