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One eye two eyes and three eyes------five

Posted Feb 07 2012 5:36am
Two eyes sung the same song :“three eyes, are you awake?”but she sung into “two eyes, are you sleep?”so sung it again and again:“three eyes, are you awake? Two eyes , are you awake?”then three eyes closed her two eyes. But the song did not let three eyes’ the third eye closed. Even though the third eye closed, but it was still looking her. In fact, it wanted to see everything clearly. at this time, two eyes thought three eyes had slept, so she said:“small goat, baa, baa, small table, I want to eat.”then she ate them happily. This poor girl, the poor pandora. she did not know the everything she had done would be seen by the third eye of three eyes. After that, she let the table disappear again. But everything was seen by the third eye. Then two eyes came to three eyes and said:“hi, three eyes, are you sleeping? You do a great job to drive the goat to the delicious grass. Let us go home.”after they got home, three eyes still did not eat anything. And three eyes told mother :“I know why she does not eat food. In the out side only she says to goat:small goat, baa, baa, small table, I want to eat. Then there will be a table with many delicious food appear. Then she says dear small goat, baa, baa, small table, please disappear. So everything will disappear. I have seen it clearly. she sings a song let me sleep. It is lucky I have the third eye awake.”mother heard it. She was so angry then shouted to two eyes:“dare you eat more delicious than us? I let you could dot eat it any more.”words ended. She used a knife to prick to the heart of the goat. Then the goat died. One eye touched the pandora bracelets and watched them. Three eyes watch her pandora charm without any care. They had had so many pandora jewelry. pandora gold and pandora silver were not enough, what they wanted exactly. They only care themselves. They did not know a poor girl who wanted to have the happy families so much. Seeing this, two eyes ran out sadly. She sat in the grass then cried.
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